Polls Show Number Of Americans Who Want Trump Impeached Now Exceeds His Approval Rating

The Trump administration may have to change their mantra from “make America great again” to “going down!” pretty soon.

Almost every single tracking poll known to man now has the president’s latest approval numbers at a lower level than the quickly rising number of voters who want to see him impeached.

The slide in approval ratings for President Trump comes just days after he pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord and fired off some ill-advised tweets about the terror attack in London on Saturday.

Gallup has Trump’s approval rating at 36 percent, a decrease of six points in just two days. Trump stood at 42 percent approval in the previous Gallup survey.

A Politico/Morning Consult poll, on the other hand, shows that 43 percent of Americans now say they support beginning impeachment proceedings against the president:

Even Rasmussen, which typically skews to the right, is showing Trump’s meager support among the populace falling drastically. The most recent poll from Rasmussen indicates that 54 percent of those polled say they disapprove of how the president is performing as Commander-in-Chief.

The bad polling news could grow even more dire after former FBI Director James Comey publicly testifies on Thursday. Comey is expected to tell the Senate Intelligence Committee that the president tried to get him to close down the federal investigation into contacts between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives on at least three separate occasions. Actions such as those by Trump might be used to charge him with obstruction of justice, an impeachable offense.

Over the weekend, Congresswoman Maxine Waters said she is ready to see other members of the House of Representatives begin debate impeachment proceedings against President Trump. Waters told MSNBC:

“We’re also going to continue to talk about how this president and his allies, I believe and others believe, colluded with the Russians to undermine our democracy. And we’re not going to stop talking about it, because this is extremely important to the future of this country.”

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