Sarah Palin Says She Agrees With Trump: We Should All ‘Speak American’ (Video)

Apparently Sarah Palin thinks Donald Trump has a future, and, perhaps more frighteningly, that she too has a future in the cabinet of a Trump Administration. Just wondering: Is there a Secretary of Stupid?

The half-term Alaska Governor, never shy about adding her worthless (and clueless) opinion to the 2016 campaign,said on CNN that she agrees with Trump that Jeb Bush should not be doing all that fancy Spanish talkin’. She began with a nice complimentary tone for Jeb:

“I think that it’s a benefit of Jeb Bush to be able to be so fluent in Spanish, because we have a large and wonderful Hispanic population that, you know, is helping to build America. And that’s good. And that’s a great relationship … and connection that he has with them through his wife and through his family connections.”

But on second thought, Palin said:

“On the other hand, you know, I think we can send a message and say, you want to be in America, A, you’d better be here legally or you’re out of here; B, when you’re here, let’s speak American. I mean that’s what’s — let’s speak English and that’s a kind of a unifying aspect of the nation is the language that is understood by all.”

Yes, by all means let’s speak American. Would that be Southeastern American, Northeastern American, Californian American, or Texan American, Sarah? Please don’t say we all have to speak Idiot American which you are so famously fluent in.

While she was at it, Palin, ever the self-promoting mindless windbag, also said she could see herself as Secretary of Energy in a Trump cabinet:

“I think a lot about the Department of Energy, because energy is my baby, oil and gas and minerals, those things that God has dumped on this part of the earth for mankind’s use instead of us relying on unfriendly foreign nations, for us to import their … resources. I think a lot about the Department of Energy. And if I were head of that, I’d get rid of it. And I’d let the states start having more control over the lands that are within their boundaries and the people who are affected by the developments within their states.”

But if you did that, Sarah, you would lose your platform from which to spew your verbal excrement. I say Department of the Interior, and your office can be in a remote cabin somewhere in the middle of Siberia–no phones, no Internet access, no fax machine, doors locked from the outside– where you won’t infect the rest of us with your ignorance.

Watch the Great Linguist in Action on CNN

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One thought on “Sarah Palin Says She Agrees With Trump: We Should All ‘Speak American’ (Video)

  1. I support the idea of speaking American. But which one? Navajo? Shoshone? Apache? Mesqaukie? Does Governor Palin have any specific suggestions?

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