Stephen Colbert Destroys The Tiny Shred Of Credibility Ben Carson Has Left (Video)

Over the past week or so, lots of questions have surfaced surrounding “facts” that 2016 GOP Presidential candidate Ben Carson has asserted over the years but cannot prove, or that have been completely discredited by closer examination:

So, as much as Dr. Carson loves to talk about his Christian faith, it’s more than a little obvious that he lies almost as often as he inhales oxygen.

But you haven’t really been fully mocked and ridiculed until Stephen Colbert takes your case and does one of his always hilarious takedowns.

Last night on “The Late Show,” Colbert started with the pyramids, moved on to the alleged stabbing incident, then managed to work in some satire for both Carson and Trump, the current GOP frontrunners.

As you’ll see in the video, Colbert perfectly skewers Carson by using his own words against him.

Just imagine how much fun we’re gonna have watching Colbert destroy the candidates as we draw closer to 2016. I for one cannot wait!

Watch Colbert’s Brilliant Takedown of Ben Carson

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