White House Aides Privately Admit They’re ‘Terrified’ What Trump Will Do The Day After The Election

Imagine, for just a moment, it’s November 4, 2020. Many votes have not yet been counted in some states, and it remains unclear who has won the election. It will likely be several days before the final vote tallies are completed. Despite that uncertainty, Donald Trump either declares himself the winner or immediately starts tweeting […]

Polling Data White House Shared With Press Corps Backfires Badly On The Trump Campaign

Members of the White House press corps found an interesting sheet of paper in their airplane seats then they boarded the plane taking them to the next campaign stop being made by President Donald Trump on Sunday. According to Katherine Faulders of ABC News, here’s the document every reporter had waiting for them: When we […]

Former Trump Staffer Claims The White House Is Using Body Doubles For Melania

Earlier this week, First Lady Melania Trump was scheduled to join her husband on the campaign trail in the key battleground state of Pennsylvania, but backed out at the last moment because she reportedly had a “lingering cough.” So is the first lady — who was diagnosed with coronavirus a few weeks ago — healthy? […]

Don Jr’s Ex Drops A Bombshell: Claims Ivanka Is A ‘Lesbian On The Low’

The Trump family is a gigantic mess, and it’s not just President Donald Trump who is seeing his dirty laundry catch up with him. In late August, a former staffer on “The Celebrity Apprentice,” Noel Casler, alleged that Jared Kushner — who just so happens to be a senior adviser to the president — is […]

Former Staffer: Jared Kushner Is Gay And In An ‘Arranged’ Marriage With Ivanka

The final evening of the Republican convention in August was full-scale propaganda night, with the apex of the lying and misinformation being (as you’d expect), Donald Trump’s 70-minute long rant in which he repeatedly patted himself on the back while simultaneously spewing out bullshit about how terrible things would be if he’s not reelected. In […]

Melania’s Bitter White House Blog Posting Leads To Endless Social Media Mockery

Though it’s still a bit early for Festivus, First Lady Melania Trump decided to get a jump on the holiday made popular by “Seinfeld” and air her grievances on the White House’s official website. Clearly referencing the recent tell-all book from her former friend and staffer, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Melania began her online hissy fit […]

Melania Suggests Americans Can Combat COVID-19 By Getting Lots Of ‘Fresh Air’ And ‘Compassion’

On Wednesday, the U.S. death toll from COVID-19 passed 216,000, and new projections suggest that as many as 400,000 Americans will likely be dead by the end of January 2021. Also on Wednesday, First Lady Melania Trump revealed that her son, Barron, had tested positive for conronavirus but was doing fine and had suffered no […]

Trump Turns On Bill Barr For Failing To Deliver An October Surprise: ‘I’m Not Happy!’

President Donald Trump thought his handpicked attorney general, William Barr, would be able to help him win a second term in office, but with each day and every new poll, it’s becoming clear that Barr’s Justice Department has failed to deliver the “October Surprise” Trump had been expecting to help salvage his failing reelection campaign. […]

Mike Pence Gets Supremely Trolled While Speaking With Senior Citizens In Florida

While his boss has been hospitalized and stuck in the White House with a case of coronavirus, Vice President Mike Pence has been trying to get out and do some campaigning for his boss in key states such as Florida, where he was on Saturday. The Veep was speaking to the single-most important demographic group […]

Eric Trump Has A Full-Scale Shouting Meltdown When Asked About His Daddy’s Shady Finances

Maybe you’ve noticed that whenever you ask a member of the Trump family about their business, finances, or taxes, they tend to immediately get defensive and try to change the subject. Why? Probably because they know there’s lots of skeletons in the closet and they don’t want any of their business dealings to see the […]