Ted Cruz Will Hold Rally At Iowa State Fair To Honor The ‘Victims’ Of Same-Sex Marriage

Ted Cruz–or as I like to call him, Teddy Boy–is actually rising by a point or two in the most recent polls, so it must have seemed the most opportune time for him to prove that he is indeed one of the biggest asshats currently walking the planet.

Cruz is planning to spend his time at the Iowa State Fair highlighting what he considers to be an actual problem: the fact that homophobic Christians are no longer allowed to discriminate against gays.

The invite Cruz’s campaign sent out calls the event a “Rally for Religious Liberty.” Hmm…last time I checked no one was preventing anyone in this country from worshipping as they choose to, but I guess Teddy Boy and his slavish supporters are still steamed about the fact that they cannot refuse to serve homosexuals if they own a business.

As part of this coordinated effort to “take back America” as the far right is so fond of saying, Cruz has also posted a laughably ridiculous video which purports to show the “damage” same-sex marriage has causes for Christians in the United States. If you need a good laugh, please feel free to view it.

What I find so ironic about all this is the fact that GOP extremists like Cruz say they believe in the Constitution, yet when the Supreme Court issues a ruling on a matter that affects the nation–as the Constitution specifies–they get all worked up and start screaming about how they’re now the victims of bigotry.

When the Justices rule in favor of Cruz and his fellow right-leaning sycophants, they give a big thumbs up and remind progressives that our system has worked yet again. But when the shoe is on the other foot, suddenly they’re ready to reach for an axe and chop off a leg.

Which proves, yet again, that Cruz and the GOP do not have the courage of their so-called convictions.

Warning: This Video May Cause Extreme Laughter

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