Texas Woman Says She Won’t Let Her Children Wear A Mask Because They’ll ‘Look Like A Muslim’

First we had Donald Trump refusing to wear a protective mask despite the fact that coronavirus was (and still is) causing thousands of infections and deaths across the United States.

And now we have people who have listened to the president and absorbed all sorts of wild conspiracy theories on right-wing websites saying they will endanger the lives of their children and the kids of others because they aren’t going to put a mask on them, even though scientific evidence shows that masks help slow transmission of the disease.

The latest tinfoil hat wearing nutjob to obtain infamy on social media is a mother from Texas, Crystal Pool Latu, who shared her bizarre rantings on a video she posted to Facebook, the Daily Dot reports:

“After repeating a lot of debunked lines about masks “inhibiting health” and claiming that the science on masks is ‘mixed’ (it’s not), and touting an inaccurate recovery rate that still would leave 1.4 million Americans dead, she let her real feelings be known.

“’I understand that it is a 99.6% recovery rate,’ Latu says. ‘I don’t even gamble in Vegas, but I will take these odds. I will roll these dice, and I will exercise my freedoms to not put my kids in a mask because they’re one step closer to looking like a Muslim.'”

And there you have it: The brainwashing has permeated so far into the “minds” of some Americans that they’re willing to take a chance with the lives of their own children (along with yours and mine) to keep them from looking “like a Muslim.”

But there’s a larger issue here, and it’s far beyond the national and governmental response to COVID-19, which has been halfhearted and downright pathetic. The issue is Americans who choose to ignore medical and scientific evidence, which endangers the rest of us. These are some of the same people who don’t believe in vaccinations or fear doctors will insert microchips into their feeble brains so they can monitor their warped brainwaves.

Perhaps the most dangerous trend we’ve seen in the four years Trump has been president is a willingness by some to fight against any suggestion that might make the country better simply because they’re too damn selfish to give a flying fuck about their fellow citizens.

So, Crystal Latu, feel free to refuse masking your children. But keep them the hell away from my family. Come to think of it, you and your entire family should simply stay at home and never wander out. You might infect others with your incredible stupidity.

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