The First Lady TOTALLY HUMILIATED Melania Trump With Just Four Words (VIDEO)

Last night, First Lady Michelle Obama appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, and the topic soon turned to Melania Trump, who could be the next First Lady of the United States.

I’ll give you all a moment to ponder Melania Trump as first lady and also remove the vomit that just appeared in your mouths.

But first Colbert asked Mrs. Obama:

“Hey, Michelle, do you think fruits and vegetables have feelings?”

With flawless comedic timing, the First Lady replied:

“Gosh, I hope not. I eat way too many of them.”

Finally, Colbert asked the question everyone in the audience was anticipating: Did she have any sympathy for Melania Trump, who plagiarized large sections of a speech Mrs. Obama had given years before? Do you have sympathy for the spouses of politicians who stand behind them no matter what happens?

The First Lady told Colbert:

“No, not really.”

Colbert admitted that he did feel kinda bad for Melania Trump, which elicited this awesome response from the First Lady:

“Yeah, that was tough.”

We are so gonna miss this wonderful lady and her amazing husband when they leave. They are both class acts all the way.


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