The GOP Response To The Colorado Planned Parenthood Shootings Is Disgusting

Within hours of the Paris terrorists attacks earlier this month, all of the 2016 GOP candidates for President were rushing to the microphone or social media to make a statement–usually a swipe at President Obama–in an attempt to prove that they would be tough on terrorism if elected.

And yet when the shootings which left three people dead yesterday in Colorado took place, how did the Republicans respond? Well, they basically pretended it didn’t happen.

Frontrunner Donald Trump was far too busy patting himself on the back and trumpeting new polling data:


Meanwhile, Marco Rubio was trying to cash in on Black Friday by touting campaign merchandise:


And Jeb Bush was inviting folks to join him for a college football game:


Mike Huckabee was still trying to make political hay out of Paris, posting this steaming pile of crap online:

In contrast, here’s what Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders had to say about the incident of domestic terrorism in Colorado:

Even though the FBI and Department of Justice have repeatedly said that domestic terrorists are the single biggest threat to American national security, the GOP candidates prefer to ignore the threat and instead posture themselves as tough on ISIS, neglecting to mention that not a single one of them has ever had to make decisions on the threats we face.

Just another day in the GOP fantasy world, where up is down and if you pretend something didn’t happen, you don’t have to address it.

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