WATCH: According To Fox News, THIS Is What Caused The Attacks In Belgium

Like a fool, when I first saw the news this morning of what had happened in Brussels, Belgium–30 dead and another 230 wounded–I immediately thought that terrorists were responsible. But according to Fox News, all of us who believe that are sadly mistaken.

On Fox today, on several occasions, it has been said that the real reason so many people died in Belgium is because of political correctness.

One Fox contributor asserted:

“As long as political correctness and fear of being called a bigot dominate we can’t have the conversation (about terrorism).”

Another Fox host said that in order to “protect the homeland,” we have to eliminate political correctness. Interestingly, more than one of the Fox News morons then claimed that because Donald Trump isn’t politically correct, Americans are embracing him and have made him the favorite to win the GOP nomination.

Of course, to hear Fox tell it, every act of terror that is carried out anywhere in the world is due to Muslims, even though that is far from being true. We have more than our share of domestic terrorists in this country who have killed hundreds of people in just the past couple of years. Remember Dylann Roof, who walked into an African-American church in Charleston and proceeded to gun down nine innocent people? Or what about the neo-Nazis here and across Europe who target people for being of a different faith? For that matter, what about the KKK, which is still active in America?

But such incidents of domestic terror do not fit the larger narrative at Fox: That America is under attack and can only be defended by going to war abroad and at home, crushing civil rights and individual liberties in the process. That is what Fox is cheering for, fascism. Therefore they love Donald Trump, the modern-day American Mussolini.

Here’s a video Mediaite compiled showing the Fox News morons wailing about political correctness:

You’ll Never Guess What Fox News Names As the REAL Enemy in Brussels Attack

One thought on “WATCH: According To Fox News, THIS Is What Caused The Attacks In Belgium

  1. Republicans are embracing Donald Trump because (A) Most of them are too lazy to be bothered with facts, and critical thinking, and (B) They’ve done this for so long, they chased off off anyone decent from even considering being a leader in that raging ‘dumpster fire’ they laughingly call ‘The Party of Lincoln”… They are fresh out of options, and it’s their OWN doing….. The GOP is a ‘dead political party walking…… All we need is shovel, and a freshly dug grave………

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