WATCH As A 13-Year-Old Perfectly Lampoons Donald Trump In Awesome Viral Video

While none of the 2016 GOP candidates for President have been able to adequately take down Donald Trump yet, a 13-year-old girl named Molly Bergman has done exactly that with a YouTube video that calls the Donald out for his shenanigans.

The video, entitled Dear Mr. Trump, directly calls Trump out on everything from how it would look for the United States if Trump’s wife became First Lady to his sexist comments about women, his racist remarks on Mexican immigrants, and other objectionable verbal pyrotechnics.

I’m not sure exactly what Ms. Bergman plans to do in the future, but watching this awesome–and hilarious–video tells me that she’ll be a success no matter what career path she chooses. Well done, Molly!

Watch Dear Mr. Trump!

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