WATCH: Donald Trump Gets Ticked Off When ‘Today’ Host Calls His Campaign Manager A Liar

GOP front-runner Donald Trump appears to be losing his magic touch when it comes to dealing with the media, perhaps because they realize they’re dealing with a pathological liar and treat him accordingly. It’s about time!

The proof of this theory was in evidence on the “Today” show earlier this morning, when Trump showed up to try and defend the indefensible: His campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, manhandling a female reporter on March 8. Lewandowski was arrested and charged with battery yesterday in Florida.

“Today” co-host Savannah Guthrie asked Trump if he was now willing to concede that Lewandowski had flat-out lied when he claimed he had “never touched” Brietbart reporter Michelle Fields, which he clearly did as shown in video surveilance. Trump began with the standard bullshit denials and excuses, so Guthrie shut him off with this:

“He said he didn’t touch her and the video shows he touched her. Is that not a lie?”

Trump responded that he “didn’t really know,” and then contradicted himself by adding:

“She made up this story, Savannah.”

So which one is it, Donald? You either don’t know or you think Fields made the whole thing up. Pick one side and stay on it.

Later, Trump whined about how unfair it all was, asking Matt Lauer if he wanted to “destroy a man’s life after what happened?” Lauer had the perfect comeback:

“Right after this incident, Corey Lewandowski tweeted that he was calling bull-blank on Ms.Fields. He tweeted that she was delusional and he tweeted that he never touched her. The video tape easily and plainly shows that, in fact, he did grab her and did pull her. Whether you want to debate whether she almost fell down or not, he didn’t tell the truth. If you’re President of the United States and a member of your staff, your chief of staff, goes to the American people and publicly doesn’t tell the truth in the way that Corey Lewandowski hasn’t told the truth, would you put up with it?”

Of course he would! He lies more than anyone else, and he surrounds himself with those who are unfamiliar with the truth.

Corey Lewandowski deserves to be destroyed for what he is charged with doing. If he is convicted of battery, he should be hounded out of the political world for the remainder of his pathetic life. My father taught me a very important lesson when I was just a boy: A real man NEVER puts his hands on a woman in anger. NEVER EVER EVER!

Here’s Trump lying like a rug on the “Today” show:

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