WATCH: Fox News Guest Goes On Racist Tirade Shouting About Black People, Abortion, And Guns (VIDEO)

Perhaps we shouldn’t be the least bit surprised by what is said on Fox News, but I have to admit that from time to time a host or guest will pop off with something so absolutely absurd and false that it even manages to astound and amaze me.

Today is one of those occasions, and we can thank conservative blogger Crystal Wright for our latest installment of, “What The…?!”

Appearing on “Fox and Friends,” the conversation began with co-host Steve Doocy–whose intelligence is on a par with a rock–putting forth the proposition that welfare programs actually harm black Americans:

You talk about over the last 40 years, trillions of dollars have been put to fight poverty, yet poverty is proliferating in many neighborhoods because?

And this is where Wright just had to jump in and add:

Well, because of Democrats and the con that they’re running on black Americans. They have made black Americans poorer, dumber, and more criminalized.

Doocy then inquired:

Why do you say that? That’s their end game?

This is where Wright’s logic gets flawed beyond recognition or reason:

It’s not just me. Look, 93 percent of — you know how the president goes around, wants to talk about regulating legal gun ownership? I’ve never seen Barack Obama talk about the black lives being killed by other blacks in Chicago, DC, or Baltimore. Ninety-three percent of all black homicides are committed by other black people.

And you know the number one cause of death among young black men ages 15 to 34? Guns. Illegal guns, cus they’re killing each other. That’s the con job. But yet, black people keep voting against their interests, and I would argue the Democrat Party is literally killing black Americans from the womb to the streets.

You would argue that, would you, Ms. Wright? Well, I guess she would since she has no idea what in the world she’s talking about.

Wright wrapped up her verbal hate package by saying that Democrats only care about getting black votes and could care less about the black people who do the voting:

That is why [Hillary] is going out and saying, ‘Hey, black lives matter, but oh guys guess what, I support Planned Parenthood, the billion dollar abortion industry.’

It’s only Monday and already we have this kind of crap on Fox News. It boggles the mind to imagine what they have in store for the rest of the week.

Watch the Fox News segment for yourself:

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