WATCH These Kids Completely Destroy Confederate ‘Losers’ And Their Racist Flag

The Confederate Flag: Symbol of history and heritage or symbol of hate and racism? Hopefully we are finally coming to realize in this country that it is the latter and not the former. The move by some states in the Deep South to remove this divisive flag from statehouses and other state property is a step in the right direction.

And yet….

Yet there are still some who still maintain that the Confederate flag is about bravery and honoring those who fought in the Civil War. Then again, the Civil War was primarily fought over the issue of slavery, so what do we honor with this flag? Division. Hatred. A very ugly and bloody past.

Adding to this debate in the best way possible is a video just released by FCKH8. In the video, shown below, a multiracial group of kids are asked for their thoughts on the flag, and the results are profane, hilarious, and genuinely thought-provoking.

Two girls remark:

“If we’re having this much trouble getting rid of a symbol of racism, we are in deep sh*t getting rid of real racism.”

The children then discuss the historical implications of the Confederate flag and how the Confederacy was founded for one reason: to preserve African slavery. This flag has been used in the centuries since then as a symbol of white supremacy.

One young boy says:

“This flag is a symbol for the N-word. It deserves the F-word.”

Another perfectly sums the debate up this way:

“The Confederate flag is a symbol for losers — like, literally. They lost.”

As someone who was born and raised in the South (and still lives there), I’m heartened to see that young people are learning the real truth about American history and the symbols of the past. There is no history or heritage that can ever be more noble than the hatred this flag has and always will represent.

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