WATCH: This Incredible PSA Shows The Ignorance Of Pro-Gun Arguments (Video)

As I have written on several occasions, I was raised around guns and taught to respect them. But I do not think that means that everyone has a right to own a gun, nor do I think they should be openly carried as if they are some kind of status symbol or emblem of redneck pride.

The video below was produced by the group Girl Pants Productions, and it perfectly captures the madness of the pro-gun argument, especially in light of how many mass shootings we see on the news on a weekly basis.

So as you watch this, keep in mind that 31 Americans are murdered by guns each and every day in the United States. And yet the Congress refuses to consider something as logical as universal background checks and not allowing the sale of guns at gun shows without an extensive check on the purchaser.

It is long past time for change. But for now, all we can do is continue to make the facts known and pray that sanity will prevail one day.

Watch the PSA

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