WATCH: This Trump Supporter Is Even Dumber Than The Donald Himself

It has long been suspected that the people who support Donald Trump are complete and utter idiots who barely have enough sense to get in out of the rain. And now we have proof to bolster that suspicion.

Here’s the setting: Fox News “reporter” Anna Kooiman decided to interview a Trumpite named Austin who said he doesn’t mind that Trump doesn’t have specific policy proposals. Why might that be? Listen to this rocket scientist:

“I am not concerned about that. I think he is not being specific so he does not give his competition everything that he’s doing so they copy him.”

Duh, can I please have my cookie now, pretty lady with microphone?

This is beyond pathetic. But it’s also perfectly emblematic of the vast majority of Trump voters and supporters. Perhaps Trump should change his campaign slogan to, “Make American ignorant again.”

Here’s a link to the video, courtesy of the Huffington Post:


h/t The Huffington Post 


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