Weeper Of The House: John Boehner Cries AGAIN…This Time On The Golf Channel!

First things first: I have absolutely no problem with a man crying. There are times when it’s appropriate. I cried when my father passed away, I cried when I had to have a dog of mine put to sleep several years back, and I have cried while watching emotional movies. Real me do cry.

But when you do it at the drop of a hat, I begin to wonder if it’s just an act, or perhaps you have an emotional problem. Perfect example: Speaker of the House John Boehner. He can cry watching paint dry on a barn. And he’s crying on camera again, this time while discussing golf on the Golf Channel. Golf! He cried about golf!

During the interview, Boehner gets all weepy and says:

“I want to make sure every kid gets the same chance that I did… an opportunity.”

Funny he would say that since his House of Representatives, controlled by his Republican party, has repeatedly sought to cut funding for food stamps, healthcare, and education. You want to make sure every kid gets the same chance you did, Weepy the Clown? Then how about easing back on your Grinch impersonation.

So, Mr. Speaker, you want to shed some tears, how about shedding them for the millions of Americans without a decent place to lay their heads at night, who are fortunate to eat one meal a day, or who are forced to dig through dumpsters for tossed away food and clothing. Let’s see you squirt a few for them!

John Boehner doesn’t care about anyone but himself. He is so busy padding his own nest that he cannot take time to help anyone else.

If the Speaker of the House wants to see something that should really make him cry, perhaps he should go to a homeless shelter in his district and see the children there who are forced to live in cramped conditions with next to nothing to call their own.

Tears are cheap, John, and yours mean nothing. So do us all a favor and keep them to yourself. The act is wearing thin.


Watch The Weeper Of The House

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