What Happens When You Put A Hitler Quote On Trump’s Picture? His Fans Don’t Even Notice

Earlier this month, I wrote an article in which I compared Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. Some people wrote to tell me they agreed and others said I had gone too far. Fair enough. As the old saying goes, You can’t please everyone.

Trump, it should be noted, has suggested starting a database of all Muslim Americans as a way of combatting terrorism, despite the fact that such an act would blatantly violate the U.S. Constitution.

Earlier this week, someone decided to take a photo of Trump, slap a quote from Hitler atop it, and see what the online reaction would be from Trump’s slavish minions. Check this out:


How did Trumpites like the picture of their leader paired with a quote from Der Führer? They freaking loved it! It was shared 28 times and accumulated over 100 “likes” in 11 hours on Facebook. And not a single person managed to do a Google search and find out where the quote actually came from. There were comments of “Amen” from some and others wrote“#TRUMPFORPRESIDENT.” Here’s a sampling of what some other Trump acolytes were proud to vomit out:



To the people who support Donald Trump so avidly, so blindly, without bothering to engage their brains as they listen to the crap that spews out of his mouth, I have a suggestion: Extend your right hand and arm outward in front of you. Now shout a loud and hearty “Sieg heil!” I bet that makes you tingle all over, doesn’t it? Now slap yourself in the face with both hands and go hide your head in shame. You’ve all earned it.

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This article was originally published by the same author at LiberalAmerica.org.

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