Wisconsin Republican Tells Non-Christians To Convert Or Be Destroyed (Video)

Wisconsin GOP State Representative Scott Allen thought it would be a great idea to send out a video Christmas message to his constituents. Nothing wrong with that, but Allen also quoted a Bible verse which threatens non-Christians with destruction if they don’t convert.

How’s that for peace on earth and goodwill toward men?

Allen began his festive message with this introduction:

“For those who may watch this who are not Christians, I invite you to consider the hope offered by the Prince of Peace.”

The moved on to what might sound to some like a direct threat:

“My friends, we attain peace through love. This season, think of how you can love the people in your life: Family, friends, neighbors, just a little bit more. Encourage them. Fellowship with them. Our world needs more love and more peace. We do our part to make this world a more peaceful place by being more loving in our relationships. We gain strength through love. Hebrews 10 concludes: ‘We are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who believe and are saved.’”

The Freedom From Religion Foundation immediately took issue with Allen’s message, firing off a letter to  Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos in which they asked if any state money was used to make the video. As they rightly noted, such a use of state funds would be a direct violation of the Constitution:

“While Allen is free to promote his personal religious beliefs on his own time, it is inappropriate to do so when he is afforded a special platform due to his elected position. Using state resources to promote one particular religion, and suggesting that people should convert or even consider converting to that religion, is unconstitutional.”

If some Christians wonder why those of other faiths tend to believe that they are pushy or even downright militant when it comes to forcing their religion on others, they only need take a good look at the video below.

Convert Or Be Destroyed Scott Allen Says

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