WTF?! John McCain’s Dimwitted Daughter Says ‘Bernie Sanders Is A Cult Leader’ (Video)

The debate on the Fox News show “Outnumbered” between Meghan McCain and Julie Roginsky got more than little heated Wednesday when the discussion turned to the results of the New York primary, which was won overwhelmingly by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The panel agreed that a Clinton/Trump matchup in November would be fascinating, but then McCain decided to toss this out:

“What’s so much fascinating is Bernie Sanders supporters. I mean Bernie Sanders is a cult leader and he has a bunch of cult followers.”

McCain then went on to speculate that should Sanders not win the Democratic nomination, most of his supporters will switch their allegiance to Donald Trump. But she got some serious pushback from Washington Times reporter Charlie Hunt, who told her that was a fantasy concocted by some fringe elements of the Republican Party.

But McCain was far from finished with her trashing of Senator Sanders:

 “Young millennials [have] really bought into this cult…it’s their Roswell conspiracy.”

Democratic strategist Julie Roginsky was quick to remind McCain of the not so distant past: the 2008 campaign:

“In 2008, you had all these people saying, Oh my goodness, these women, who are going over the cliff for Hillary Clinton, they’re never going to vote for Barack Obama. You’ll have Democrats voting for John McCain because they’re so mad at Barack.”

Clearly, that didn’t happen, but McCain missed the point entirely and suggested that Clinton didn’t have a “cult following” who “buy into this Kool-aid.”

Roginsky fired back:

“But they didn’t do that, they still voted for Barack Obama.”

Using McCain’s logic, wouldn’t it also be fair to say that the Donald Trump phenomenon is also a form of cult following, a cult of personality which relies almost exclusively on the oversized personality of its leader?

Why is it that when a political movement gains traction on the left, the right wants to try and label it a cult, with all of the negative connotations associated with that word, yet when a movement forms on the right — the Tea Party, Donald Trump — it is painted as the grass-roots rising up to take back what is rightly theirs?

Here’s the debate from “Outnumbered:”

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  1. Why is anyone asking this dimwit to comment on anything important? Shes like a Kardashian. She’s a “celebrity” for no discernible reason.

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