WTF?! Michigan Court: Gun Nuts Can Open Carry In Elementary Schools

Michigan Circuit Judge Archie Hayman has ruled that citizens in the state can now openly carry weapons in schools, including elementary schools.


Yes, that’s right: It is now perfectly legal for any gun-toting nutjob who has a gun permit to carry a gun while in the presence of little children. Because hey, what could possibly go wrong?

This case began when Kenneth Herman filed suit asking for the right to carry a handgun in his daughter’s school in the town of Clio. administrators at the school and other parents were opposed to Herman doing his Rambo impersonation around their children, so Herman decided to take it to court.

Shortly after Judge Hayman issued his ruling, Herman told alocal media outlet:

‘The ruling today does not come as a surprise, the law is the law. Now that Clio Area Schools have heard the ruling, read the laws and the Court of Appeals case law has been explained to them, I [sic] they stop burning through tax dollars fighting the law and common sense.”

Yeah, because common sense certainly tells us that guns and children are a wonderful combination.

Democrats in Michigan have been trying to tighten up the state’s insane “open carry everywhere” law, but have so far been unsuccessful. Rep. Andy Schor introduced a bill in 2013 that would have prevented individuals from taking guns into schools, but his bill was killed in committee at the specific urging of the NRA, thereby proving that the NRA will not be satisfied until gun extremists are allowed to carry their weapons of mass destruction anytime and anywhere they want.

But consider the potential consequences of people with guns in schools: What if an adult leaves his or her gun in the bathroom and a child finds it? What if two open carry wackos decide they don’t like the way their children are being treated? Do they then attempt to rectify the situation by holding a teacher at gunpoint?

As a parent, I can tell you this without any reservation: The day guns can be openly carried in the school my daughter attends, I will take her out of that school. And should they be allowed in every public school in this state, I will either enroll her in private school or home school her.

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