Tea Party News Network Staffers Decry ‘Despicable Practices’ And Resign

Several staffers resigned from the Tea Party News Network (TPNN) on Thursday, saying they were tired of the right-wing news outlet’s “despicable practices,” which they lambasted as “immoral and unethical.” TPNN was started in 2012 by Todd Cefaratti, founder of TheTeaParty.net. It was billed as an “antidote to mainstream media bias.” But the staffers who offered their letters of resignation […]

South Dakota Republican Lawmaker Says Planned Parenthood Worse Than ISIS

We’ve all heard or read statements from Republicans that have either made us laugh, shake our heads, or both. But then we arrive at a man such as Isaac Latterell, who serves as a representative in the South Dakota state legislature. If you’re like me, you read what he recently wrote on his website and […]

Blogger Says Rape Should Be Legal On Private Property

In today’s world of instantaneous media and a million voices flowing through the Internet, it is rare that I read something that makes me truly angry. Sure, I shake my head and mumble “What the…?” several times a day as I sit before my computer screen, but from time to time I get deeply offended, […]

AG Eric Holder: Moratorium On Death Penalty ‘Would Be Appropriate’

Speaking Tuesday evening to the National Press Club, Attorney General Eric Holder said he supports a moratorium on the death penalty until the Supreme Court issues a ruling later this year on the Oklahoma lethal injection case currently before the justices: “I think fundamental questions about the death penalty need to be asked. And among […]

Big Brother Is Here: NSA Can Hide Spyware In Every Hard Drive

Turns out we aren’t just being paranoid when we think the National Security Agency (NSA) knows pretty much everything we do. And in this digital age we live in, knowing everything involves our computers and other digital devices. The NSA has that covered, too — and to a level that may leave you more than […]

Heartless Bastard! Fox’s Bill O’Reilly Criticizes Grieving Father Of Slain UNC Students

We’ve all come to expect the worst from Bill O’Reilly and his minions at Fox “News,” but he stepped over the line the other evening while discussing the murder of three college students at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. O’Reilly got outraged by Dr. Mohammad Abu-Salha, the father of the two murdered girls, […]

Rand Paul Wants To Have His Cake And Eat It Too

Rand Paul has a problem: He really wants to run for the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination, but if he does so he can’t run for re-election to hold his Senate seat. Seems there’s a rule in his home state of Kentucky that does not allow his name to appear on the ballot twice. Hmm…what to […]

John Boehner Whines About Netanyahu Invite: ‘We Have Every Right To Do What We Did’

While speaking to the partisan cheerleaders at “Fox News Sunday,” House Speaker John Boehner did his best to rationalize why he, and Republican Congressional leaders, made the controversial move of inviting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to a joint session of Congress in March, just weeks before elections in Israel. Boehner, with faux […]

State Of Hate–Arkansas Votes In Favor Of LGBT Discrimination

For LGBT residents of Arkansas, Friday the 13th was indeed a dark day. On that day, by a vote of 57-20, the Arkansas House of Representatives made the state one of the most hate filled and intolerant in the nation. Disgusted with efforts to expand equal protections to the LGBT community in Arkansas, Republican State […]

Deficit Has Fallen To Lowest Level Since 2007, Paul Ryan Calls It A ‘Crazy Game’

We’ve all heard Republicans bemoaning the fact that the federal deficit has grown under President Obama, even though the numbers show that the deficit has fallen to the lowest level since 2007. And yet just yesterday the GOP passed permanent tax cuts for businesses that would add $77 billion to the deficit over the next […]