Snowflake Huckabee Whines About Being Removed From Country Music Board (VIDEO)

Poor Mike Huckabee. He’s upset because even though his favorite bigoted asshat, Donald Trump, is in the White House, it’s still not totally cool to be a hate-filled piece of crap unless you’re willing to accept the consequences. Just last week, Huckabee was removed from the board of the Country Music Association Foundation due to his […]

REPORT: Trump Often Says Pence ‘Wants To Hang’ All LGBT People

Perhaps you’ve wondered how someone as immoral and corrupt as President Trump manages to work with a supposedly religious person like Vice President Mike Pence. And it turns out the answer definitely proves what massive hypocrites both men are. In a new report from Jane Mayer of the New Yorker, we learn that Trump is fond of making […]

Ted Cruz’s Father Says LGBT Rights Will Lead To Football Teams Showering With Girls

In what may well turn out to be one of the most utterly ridiculous statements yet issued from the far right of the Republican Party, Rafael Cruz, Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s father, is attempting to stir up fear with the assertion that LGBT nondiscrimination ordinances will lead to boys football teams deciding “that they want to […]

WATCH A Conservative Try (And Fail) To Explain How Obama’s Trans Bathroom Rule Hurt Children

How reassuring it is to know that amidst all the problems that face this country–terrorism, racism, discrimination, the resurgence of domestic hate groups–that the Justice Department under new Attorney General Jeff Sessions decided to choose transgender children as their first priority. Reversing rules put in place by the Obama Administration, the Department of Justice said […]

Trump Elector Wants To Execute Homosexuals: ‘Hang Them Up Where They Can Be Seen’

A Montana man who is an Electoral College voter pledged to Donald Trump made some incredibly insensitive and downright disgusting comments about gay Americans a few years ago, and is now under scrutiny as electors prepare to meet in December. In 2010, as part of a protest against a lawsuit filed by the ACLU in […]

Here’s The Reason You May Start Seeing Safety Pins Everywhere

Let’s be totally honest here: While economic anxiety did indeed play a part in the election of Donald Trump as President, racism, Islamophobia, and xenophobia were also partially responsible for the sudden rise of Trump from a large field of Republican contenders. And now he will be the next occupant of the Oval Office. As […]

‘Christian’ Evangelist Urges Fathers To Shoot Any Trans People Who Show Up In Bathrooms

Perhaps you’ve heard of James Dobson. He’s the founder and president of a right-wing group known as Focus on the Family, and he’s also a massive heap of human excrement who has attacked President Obama in his sermons, alleging the President is a “tyrant [who] assault[s] centuries of modesty and moral beliefs.” In a new article […]

WATCH: Florida Man Goes On Anti-LGBT ‘Erect P*nis’ Rant, Is Forcibly Removed From Meeting

Perhaps you’ve been wondering (as many of us have) when all of the hysteria over LGBT rights–especially as it relates to the transgendered and bathrooms–will die down. We wondered the same thing in the months after the Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage. Based on what happened last night in Brevard County, Florida, we may […]

WATCH: Megyn Kelly DESTROYS Texas Lt. Governor For His Lies About Trans Americans

The bathroom wars continue, and this time the focus is on the Lone Star State, where the ultra right-wing Lieutenant Governor, Dan Patrick, is making sure everyone knows what a lowlife, intolerant asshat of a so-called human being he is.Appearing on the Fox News show “The Kelly File” Friday evening, Patrick once again began perpetuating […]

NC Will Now Sue The Justice Department To Protect Their Bigoted Bathroom Law

Rather than relent and rescind their hateful, bigoted bathroom bill, originally designated as HB2, the state of North Carolina will instead file suit against the Department of Justice in an attempt to keep their discriminatory law intact. North Carolina officials said they intend to respond no later  Monday to the U.S. government’s challenge to the controversial […]