Looks Like Georgia Senator David Perdue Could Soon Be In Need Of A Presidential Pardon

Back in late October, during a heated debate, incumbent Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) was accused of being a “crook” by his Democratic challenger, Jon Ossoff, for questionable stock trades Perdue made shortly after receiving a high-level briefing from the White House on the severe damage COVID-19 was expected to wreak on the United States, with […]

Cash-Strapped Trump Forced To Sell His Personal Helicopter

Donald Trump loves to brag about how rich and successful he is. He often brags about how he built the Trump Organization into one of the greatest companies in the world and made himself a billionaire in the process. But if that’s true, why exactly does Trump refuse to release his taxes or let anyone […]

Don Jr’s Girlfriend Was Fired From Fox News For Sexually Harassing A Female Employee

Long before she became Donald Trump Jr’s armpiece and managed to get on the payroll of the president’s reelection campaign, Kimberly Guilfoyle was an on-air personality at Fox News. In 2018, quite suddenly, Guilfoyle left Fox, even though no one seemed to know why. Was it just so she could date the president’s son and […]

‘Very Tired’ Trump Cuts MAGA Rally Short When Crowd Size Disappoints His Expectations

Donald Trump loves to brag that he can draw a larger crowd than any other American political figure. Of course, in the age of COVID-19, that’s not exactly a good thing, because getting large groups of people together for any purpose is not a great idea, especially if the majority of them aren’t wearing protective […]

WATCH Fox News Cut Lindsey Graham Off Mid-Sentence When He Begs For Campaign Donations

Lindsey Graham is terrified, and based on his fundraising totals and the latest polls, he should be. The South Carolina Republican senator is facing a strong challenge from Democrat Jaime Harrison, with polls showing Harrison surging while Graham’s numbers are stagnant, with RealClear Politics now rating the race a toss-up. And if indeed money is, […]

Trump Reelection Campaign Claims Michigan’s Governor Is ‘Encouraging’ His Assassination

Donald Trump’s reelection campaign — much like the candidate they’re supporting — has jumped the shark and is so desperate to try and change the subject from his falling poll numbers that they’re now accusing Democratic governors of calling for him to be assassinated. In this particular case, the Trump campaign is going after Michigan […]

Hillary Clinton Just Gave Democrats A Roadmap On How To Block A Replacement For RBG

The passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the age of 87 raises the stakes even higher with the 2020 election now just 45 days away. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) made it clear Friday evening that he has every intent of trying to get a replacement confirmed as soon as possible, […]

Lou Dobbs And Sean Hannity Will Be Deposed For Pushing Fake Seth Rich Conspiracy Theory

One of the most disgusting conspiracy theories to ever be circulated at Fox News and Fox Business is coming back to haunt the network, as two of their top on-air personalities are facing answering questions under oath for depositions connected to a lawsuit brought in the case of former Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer Seth […]

Trump Praises Nevada Woman Who Gushingly Tells Him ‘I’ll Stand And Take A Bullet For You’

The people who ardently support Donald Trump no matter what he says or does are more than just a fan club. Instead, they display all the characteristics of a cult, such as: The group displays excessively zealous and unquestioning commitment to its leader Questioning, doubt, and dissent are discouraged or even punished The group has […]