Conservatives Furious As Trump Flip Flops, Now Says He Supports Gun Control

As others have said long before I did, if you don’t like something Donald Trump says, just wait five minutes and he’ll say the opposite. And it appears the Donald had done so yet again. But this time, he may have just alienated the entire ammosexual, redneck, gun totin’ base that so slavishly supports him.

Earlier today, Trump went on Twitter and sent out this message:

The tweet was not well received among the troglodytes that compose the GOP base. Right-wing pundit Eric Erickson wrote:

“This year [Trump] got the NRA endorsement and he just threw them under the bus. Banning people on the terror watch list and no fly list are terrible ideas because the second amendment is a fundamental right.”

Others took to Twitter and blasted Trump:

And yet, at a debate earlier this year, Trump said he would never ever limit gun rights. In other words, he gave the company line just like the NRA wanted:

So my question to the Trumpites who think this moron is the greatest thing since sliced bread would be this: How ya like him now?


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