Legal Experts Say Ivanka Trump Is About To Be Indicted For Felony Fraud

Even though she serves as an adviser to her father — who just so happens to be president — Ivanka Trump has kept a relatively low profile since Donald Trump was elected. But it now appears that she’s about to be in the spotlight whether she likes it or not, and part of that attention may well be appearances in federal court.

Some background information is needed, and it was provided by ProPublica, which published a piece entitled “Pump and Trump.” That incredible piece of investigative journalism revealed that Ivanka has repeatedly misrepresented the value of Trump properties over the years:

“In interviews and press conferences, Ivanka Trump gave false sales figures for projects in Mexico’s Baja California; Panama City, Panama; Toronto and New York’s SoHo neighborhood. These statements weren’t just the legendary Trump hype; they misled potential buyers about the viability of the developments.”

Not only are Ivanka’s actions unethical as hell, they’re also illegal and constitute criminal fraud. That kind of financial fraud can be charged under both federal and state law. And it will be, as former federal prosecutor Daniel Goldman told Law & Crime:

“If Ivanka knowingly and intentionally made false representations to investors that were material to the investors’ decision to invest in one of her real estate projects, then that is the crime of wire fraud (or, potentially, securities fraud, depending on what instrument the investment was). The knowledge and intent is what makes it criminal fraud.”

Another former federal prosecutor, Elizabeth de la Vega, concurred with Goldman, noting:

“A pattern of knowing false statements to real estate investors exposes perpetrators to multiple counts of bank, wire, and mail fraud, depending on the means used to convey the false statements. It’s likely that such a scheme may also involve money laundering. Defendants convicted of such frauds are also sentenced to pay restitution to any investors who have suffered provable losses.”

The U.S. Attorney’s office in the Southern District of New York appears most likely to pursue charges against Ivanka. But the attorney general for New York is also likely to go after Ivanka since she resides in Manhattan when she’s not in Washington “working” for daddy. Her father has zero pardon power over state crimes.

The entire Trump family is nothing but a criminal enterprise. And that crime family is on the verge of being indicted, tried, and — if found guilty — placed in prison for a very long time.

16 thoughts on “Legal Experts Say Ivanka Trump Is About To Be Indicted For Felony Fraud

    • Ditto – what Dyann said. So far Trump has dodged the law – we’ll see – after all, all that matters to Trump is Trump & Fam., to hell w everybody else. We can only hope.

      • Little bit of a disagreement with your inclusion of two words. Let me correct it. “All that matters to Trump is Trump.” He would throw anyone under a bus to save himself.

  1. Maybe, just maybe, the Trump family will fall into disgrace financially, and loose most of their money. That would be great, removing them off their high pedestal, and leave them as common folk. Look great in the history books as well. A person can only be dishonest for so long, before slipping, getting caught, and end up paying the price for their wrong deeds. Cross your fingers it happens.

    • I wish they could be tried and locked up including son-in-law Kushner but with all these Republicans, including FOX news covering for them I don’t see any of that happening. It won’t be long before AG Barr puts a end too the federal investigation part of this and then the State of New York will have to take it on and with all the money these two families have they will buy their way out of it. Look at it this way, with all the individuals charged with connections with Russia, meetings in Trump Towers with Russians, letter stating it was about adoptions there was still no charge of collusion.

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