New York AG Tish James Puts Trump On Notice: My Office Is Coming For You After The Election

New York Attorney General Tish James said Saturday morning that her office is indeed on the verge of going after President Donald Trump, his company, and his family just as soon as the 2020 election is over with, telling MSNBC host Ali Velshi: “In New York, as you know, we have an investigation against the […]

New Evidence Of Tax Fraud As Trump’s Charitable Donations Appear To Be Bogus

The evidence suggesting that Donald Trump is hiding his tax returns to try and hide the fact that he’s committed tax fraud is mounting by the day, and an explosive new report from The New York Times suggests that the president has lied about his charitable contributions over the years and could be facing significant […]

There’s One Last ‘October Surprise’ Remaining – And It Could Destroy Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been desperately hoping for a major game-changing revelation that might somehow alter the equation for him in his race against Joe Biden, who, according to most polls, is leading by a significant margin and poised to win in a landslide. In other words, Trump needs an “October Surprise” to save him from […]

Donald Urges Kavanaugh To Sue His Accusers And Gets Reminded Of His Own Alleged Sex Crimes

President Donald Trump is acting more unhinged that usual lately. Maybe it’s the combination of drugs he’s taking to battle the dose of coronavirus he’s still recovering from. Or perhaps he can sense that his days in office are numbered and he’s facing indictment and possible imprisonment the minute he leaves the White House. On […]

Entire Trump Family Terrified Former Campaign Manager Will Flip And Send Them To Prison

Everywhere he turns, the world is falling apart for Donald Trump. On Tuesday, he decided to go onstage for the first presidential debate, douse himself in verbal accelerant, strike a match with his unhinged ranting, and set himself alight while Americans watched in complete horror.   Days earlier, The New York Times managed to get […]

Multiple States Investigating Ivanka Trump For Financial Crimes

While most of the heat and light surrounding the multiple federal and state investigations into members of the Trump family has been focused on President Trump, Don Jr., and Jared Kushner, it now appears that Ivanka Trump is also neck-deep in a scandal which first began to unfold in late 2018. ProPublica has reported that Ivanka […]

Former Federal Prosecutor Says Donald And Ivanka Are Both Facing Prosecution For Tax Fraud

Thanks to excellent reporting from The New York Times, we know that Donald Trump has been using complex schemes to avoid paying taxes for decades. He has taken questionable deductions (i.e. $70,000 for hair styling), funneled money to family members by calling them independent contractors, and other possibly illegal financial moves that could expose him […]

Massive Lawsuit Accuses The Trump Organization Of Committing Fraud And Engaging In Racketeering

In case anyone has forgotten, Donald Trump has a plethora of legal problems. Here’s a brief overview: State prosecutors in New York have multiple ongoing criminal investigations into the Trump Organization and Trump inaugural committee. Numerous women are suing Trump in connection with his sexual infidelity and fondness for engaging in sexual harassment and sexual […]

Mary Trump Files Multimillion Dollar Lawsuit Accusing The Donald Of Massive Fraud

Mary Trump, the niece of President Donald Trump, has filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit against her uncle, President Donald Trump, alleging that he committed fraud in order to cheat her out of her share of the family fortune, according to The New York Times: “The suit, filed in State Supreme Court in Manhattan, accused Mr. […]

Manhattan DA’s Court Brief Alleges Trump Has Committed ‘Criminal Tax Fraud’

Based on a court brief filed Monday by the office of Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. alleges that President Donald Trump and the Trump Organization may have committed tax fraud and the DA has grounds to investigate based on evidence at hand, according to The New York Times: “Prosecutors listed news reports and public […]