Mueller Suspects Trump And Russia Rigged Votes In Michigan And Wisconsin

Ever since it was first reported that Russia interfered in the 2016 election, members of the administration and their supporters have ardently suggested that even if Russia did hack into the DNC and spread disinformation, no votes were changed as a result, so it had no influence on the final result of the election.

But we now have a new report from New York magazine which suggests that Russian efforts on behalf of and in coordination with the Trump campaign may have directly influenced voters in at least two swing states, Michigan and Wisconsin. According to the report:

“Mueller’s team is trying to determine if members of the Trump campaign and Republican National Committee, who worked together on the digital arm of Trump’s campaign, provided assistance to Russian trolls attempting to influence voters. It’s the latest scare for Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner, who managed the digital campaign and has already come under scrutiny by the special counsel for his foreign contacts.

Mueller’s move appears to concern the disproportionate targeting of swing districts by Russian trolls during the presidential campaign. CNN reported in October that ads placed by Russia-linked Facebook accounts targeted Michigan and Wisconsin in particular, with many ‘geared at swaying public opinion in the most heavily contested battlegrounds.'”

More troubling for the White House is the fact that experts on social media don’t believe Russian hackers could have possibly known what voters in key districts to target with their trolling efforts and must have had assistance from members of the Trump campaign:

“The leading suspects at this point are Kushner and Brad Parscale, the head of Cambridge Analytica, a data-mining firm that worked closely with the campaign.”

If indeed members of the Trump team did assist Russian hackers or other operatives working on behalf of the Kremlin, it would prove that there was a conspiracy against the United States to assure that Trump won the election. And that, in turn, would prove that the 2016 race was stolen.

37 thoughts on “Mueller Suspects Trump And Russia Rigged Votes In Michigan And Wisconsin

    • Unfortunately as president the harm Trump has and is doing is critical. The long term effects could destroy our democracy. Our world image will survive.

  1. So if it true and criminal charges are brought against the president and all involved parties, he’s found guilty, then what?
    What in any of that is good for our image or our country? Our image and respectability in the world is very low… this wont help. So do we throw him in prison and put Hillary in the white house? Is that the best thing for the country? Probably not. What if we kept him in office, kept our business to ourselves from the rest of the world and added Hillary, people she chose and other people chosen by the best of the best in business to work to run the country as Trump sits as a figurehead only. He could talk and rant within reason but he would have zero power. This would give the rest of the world the idea every thing was fairly fine and save face for the United States. No more laughing stock.

    • Throwing trump and his family in jail would show the rest of the world that nobody in America is above the law. I think that would be a tremendous boost to our credibility in the world. We would need to hold another election( this time between Hillary and Bernie only, the traitor republicans forfeited this election. Anything trump did would be reversed, including Supreme Court pick.

      • I agree that we need to throw Trump, his family and all involved, all the way to Paul Ryan in prison. We need to send a strong message that this type of crime will not be tolerated in the United States and that if we have nothing else, we have fair, legal elections.

      • If true and their is proof of Conspiracy between Russia and the Trump Campaign then, the Election should be NULL and Void. Then Hillary Clinton can finally become the rightful President of The United States. This has already gone before the Supreme court of JUSTICE. They want more proof, hopefully Mueller will find the Russian Connections. Our Country and our government needs a huge wake up call, to much Corruption.

    • Your idea is interesting, but why not get rid of Trump and show the rest of the world that in America, no one is above the law and that we correct our own mistakes. Of course then we’re stuck with Pence, who is ultra-conservative but at least not a criminal (I hope!) This shows the world that our checks and balances work!

    • Trump is already making the United States look worse every day. The only thing that can make us look worse is to let him get away with this, so, throw his ass out, lock him up for treason and have a run off election between Bernie and Hilary.

    • Sorry there Debie, but if it’s all true, colluding with a foreign country would be treason…I believe what ever shred of credibility for our country would be lost if we did anything but treat him like a traitor. If he remains in the white house after being found guilty, you better lock up, because its gonna get ugly. We would be telling the world oyr constitution is meaningless and we can never be trusted again. Regardless of who replaces him, it would be an improvement…Pence, Ryan may be a part of this whole thing as well. We’re living in very strange times, but if nothing else, we need to show the world we are still a country of laws, not an oligarchy or dictatorship.

    • Sureky you jest. The rest of thevm world knows more than most Americans. YES! The RIGHT thing to do is put him in prison, ckear out akl these clowns, and inaugurate Hilkary, vecause in spite of everything done against her by Russians, Repubs, Bernie and Jill, she WON THE POPULAR VOTE BY AT LEAST 2.8 MILLION.

      • Sorry Dr. HS Wilder, but you forget Hillary rigged the Democratic election as well. At the least it should be a run-off between her and Bernie (Go Bernie) but, in reality, if you’re kicking out the crooks, she should go as well. Bernie is the man of the people, Hillary is the lackey of the rich every bit as much as tRump.

        • This is simply foolish on several grounds. 1. Even Bernie and his PR rep have retracted his initial ” poor loser” claim of rigging. 2. Democrats never wanted Bernie, since he ran opportunistically and doesnt conduct himsef with democratic values. 3. He is definitely NOT the “man of the people but a colossal fraud, ignoring all social progressive concern for the root causes of economic inequality, white male supremacy, sexism and racism. In addition he is niw a 1% er with three homes, a multimillionaire. 4. He gas no diplomatic experience and no real accomplishments other than naming a few post offices and developinng the Burlington Waterfront. 5. He is too old and angry 6. He is a darling of the NRA and a great fan of Russia 7. He is under investigation for fraud and was cited numerous times by the FEC for ilkegal foreign donations. NEVER EVER BERNIE.

    • Debie Abelson, your arguments are the type usually advanced in favor of white collar crime, that is, except specialists no one really noticed, the person is sorry and has a good reputation in his/her community so being a properly raised, upright standing member of the community, they will wise up and never repeat the crime, so let’s not muddy th waters unnecessarily. Well, all that ordinary thinking is completely unjust and simply does not apply in this case. Any public office is based on trust. The candidate who violates that trust before even taking the Oath of Office was living on borrowed time, knew it from DAY 1, and has to go!!

    • Omg really ! If trump and hes family did do this , then they should be arrested and put in prison for treason against the United States !
      What gets me is how all these people voted for him ! No matter what russia did . I new he was a nut , hell he was talking like a bully and racest well before we had to vote ! I would never vote for somebody that was so crazy to be my president ! I meen how could you ! Shame on all the people that voted for for such a nut , it really is sad . I had faith that people could read lisen and check the facts and vote for a reasonable person . But no half the people are dumb and gullible wtf !

    • Really ? We will only start to gain self respect and respect internationally with real change. If we have a blue wave, and Democrats take the House and the Senate, I could see where some of fall back mechanisms for choice of President may come into play. First we must have a blue wave.

    • Debie, aside from the fact that the rest of the world’s opinion of us has already taken a nose dive, not to mention the fact that keeping such a secret would be impossible in this day and age of computer surveillance etc., and attempting to do anything like that would only bolster their already bad opinion, you must realize that such a move would basically trash the system of Government we have in place now, which, while definitely in need of some serious first aid, is still the bare bones, at least, of a Democracy (else why would the GOP be fighting so hard to send out propaganda and gerrymander, and buy elections etc), Are you that sick of any semblance of Democracy?

    • Seriously? Nothing could harm our standing in the world more than leaving Trump as president if he’s found guilty and hide it. His ranting and raving is partially responsible for what has lowered the world’s opinion of the USA. And is that really a good message to send to the world – that the USA hides embarrassing internal problems? The best thing we could do is get rid of him and his administration and let the world see us do it. Let them know exactly what happened and how we deal with it. It would likely be an lesson to other countries where this is happening that wrong can be righted.

  2. Do you think Trump would agree to be a figurehead only while Hillary and her team ran the country, most likely undoing all the petty, evil, mean actions he has taken this past year? He would never give up his position willingly.
    No, he needs to be completely removed from Washington DC and into a secure federal prison, no country club version with a golf course, no cell phone, no TV, where he could be forgotten. Rather than be a laughingstock, the US would be applauded for finally taking action to rid itself of a gigantic abcess and its move to return to a nation that once more reflects its original intention as described in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

  3. If this is true then the SCOTUS should set aside the electoral college vote and void the results. This would void everything trump and his fellow criminals have done to the people of the United States. Hillary should then be sworn in.

  4. No Debbie, Personally, I believe HRC won our election process and had it stolen. It would be in the best interest of this great country of ours to allow the procedings to continue. Once it is finished it will send a clear signal that we do not tolerate this behavior in our country. I will be content once our True president, the one that we voted into office, takes her rightful place and continues where president Obama left off. That will be what, will uphold our country to America’s Greatness

  5. Debie; So you are suggesting that we let Trump get away with screwing the Americans? Just to save face? Our face is already a mess. Let us show that we are not so ignorant as to let this crazy halfwit get away with his crap.

  6. tRUMP is just the outer manifestation of something much deeper that is wrong in America. He’s like a massive zit, filled with puss and corruption, that is the product of some deeper infection. The infection I think is GREED. The 1% who own and control over 80% of the wealth of America. Wealth created by the sweat and labor of the 99% of Americans who have worked hard and played by the rules, only to see their paychecks dwindle, their jobs shipped to low wage countries without laws or regulations to protect the environment or workers rights, loss of health care, crumbling infrastructure, and more. Stock market rising, but the wealth going to those on top, not to those actually creating that wealth. I could go on, but I think I’ve said enough. Most Economists have been telling us this for a number of years now.

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