Ted Nugent Thanks President Obama For Giving Whites The Right To Say ‘N****r

Ted Nugent is finally thanking President Obama for something. Only problem is, it’s because he thinks the President just gave white people the right to say the word n****r whenever they want to. Yep, Ted is once again proving what a monumental asshat he is and always will be. You may recall that President Obama […]

Memo to Ted Nugent: Shut the F#*k Up!

MEMORANDUM To: Ted Nugent, Racist Xenophobic Hater From: Andrew Bradley, Media A**hole Dipsh*t RE: Please Shut Up Already! It has come to my attention that once again you have said something so incredibly stupid and narrow-minded that you have exploded on the Internet. Specifically, I refer to comments you posted on Facebook in which you […]