Ted Nugent Thanks President Obama For Giving Whites The Right To Say ‘N****r

Ted Nugent is finally thanking President Obama for something. Only problem is, it’s because he thinks the President just gave white people the right to say the word n****r whenever they want to.

Yep, Ted is once again proving what a monumental asshat he is and always will be.

You may recall that President Obama recently told Marc Maron that racism in America would not be eliminated by people merely being too “polite to say n****r in public.” Well, Ted took that as all the license he needed to begin tossing around the most horrible racial epithet ever created.

In a column he wrote for WorldNetDaily, Nugent proclaimed:

“For those who have chosen terminal denial and have completely lost touch with the real world, the word n****r has historically been used in a powerfully positive way when describing the proud heritage and history of deeply respected, even revered ‘blackness.’”

How terrible, Nugent mused, that this word is not acceptable for whites to use. What a crying shame, he seemed to be asserting. His post continues:

“The word is used constantly across America in a friendly, even tribal greeting and salutation with no hint whatsoever of negativity nor hostility.”

Calling someone a n****r is friendly? Ted, what rock do you live under? But Nugent was far from finished making acomplete and utter fool of himself:

“Along with President Obama and my hero Richard Pryor, we join Howard Stern, Johnny Cochran, Mark Furman, O.J. Simpson, Kid Rock, James Brown, the mighty Funkbrothers, Al not so Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, Malcolm X, Kanye West, Fifty Cent and pretty much every black rapper and hip hopper on earth, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, a few thousand NBA, NFL, MLB sports stars, legions of famous and not so famous musicians, actors, politicians, media personalities and assorted celebrities of every color, creed, ethnicity and walk of life, along with a few million others around the world who have used and continue to use the word n****r at one time or another.”

And I suppose if everyone began setting fire to their neighbor’s homes as a sign of friendship, that would suddenly make arson acceptable? Are you freaking kidding me?! Do we need any further proof of just how far out of touch this washed up rock star is?

Nugent then attempted to shield himself from any criticism by claiming he has been deeply influenced by black musicians:

“For my entire life, whenever I performed my most soulful and emotional guitar playing, I received the greatest compliment a musician could ever dream of when the word was used to describe my Motown touch.”

Hey, Ted, lemme lay some language on you that you can hopefully understand in spite of your ignorance: douchebag. Yes, that’s right. And that’s exactly what you are.

This article was originally published by the same author at LiberalAmerica.org.

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