Clueless Sessions Tells Pain Patients To Take Aspirin Instead Of Opioids

It’s hard to decide which member of the Trump administration is the most insensitive and ignorant. While Trump himself usually makes the most objectionable statements on nearly every issue, others in his orbit also manage to open their mouths and plant their feet inside. Take, for example, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who made an appearance […]

Bill Maher Says Trump Voters Are ‘Pillbillies’ And ‘F*cking Drug Addicts’ (VIDEO)

Last night on the season premiere of Real Time, Bill Maher had lots to say about the election and inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. Specifically, he said that it’s clear what kind of people voted for Trump: “So let’s stop calling Trump voters idiots and fools, and call […]

11-Year-Old Kansas Boy Detained By Police After Defending Medical Marijuana In Class

While dozens of states across the country have decided to allow the medical use of marijuana for certain illnesses, in Kansas the bad old days of the War on Drugs are still a prominent feature of the Sunflower State’s backwards migration. Need proof? Then try this on for size: an 11-year-old boy spoke up in […]

Pot & The Peach State

For the past two sessions of the Georgia General Assembly, advocates for medical marijuana have seen their efforts come to naught at the end of the state legislative body. But in the 2015 session of the Peach State’s legislature, which begins in January, there is a renewed hope for passage of a medical marijuana bill. […]