6 Disgusting Lies The NRA Posted On Social Media After The Oregon Shootings

The National Rifle Association (NRA) never ceases to amaze, repel, and utterly disgust me. One would think the NRA (which is heavily financed by gun manufacturers and therefore has a hidden agenda when it comes to the topic of sensible gun control) would want to keep a low profile after the horrible deaths of 10 people at Umpqua Community College (U.C.C) in Roseburg, Oregon.

But instead, within hours of the shootings, the NRA took to social media and began spewing out lies that they had to know were patently untrue. Here are six that prove once and for all the NRA stands for money and their own bloody agenda over human life:


A blatant lie the NRA has been peddling for years. Sellers at gun shows are allowed to sell weapons without background checks, waiting periods, or paperwork through what are known as “private sales.”

Here’s another one of their totally false tweets:


Is that right? No, it most certainly isn’t. In 1996, Australia implemented a gun buyback program that managed to get 650,000 assault weapons out of public circulation following a gun massacre. Semi-automatic rifles were banned and licensing requirements were tightened. Suicides and homicides involving guns have been also dramatically reduced. Also, it was not “confiscation,” yet another fear word the NRA loves to use because they know the facts are not on their side.

Another lie:


There is absolutely no evidence that gun-free zones are the cause of mass shootings, and the NRA also neglects to mention that the majority (86%) happen outside of gun-free zones. Again, to do so would not support their extreme view of gun ownership, so they resort to a lie in the belief that no one will bother to seek out the truth.

Let’s see if the NRA can tell the truth at all with this one:



Wow, there are so many lies here it would take weeks to cover them all, but we can say this: In 2014, there were over8,000 homicides involving guns (not just rifles, as the NRA wants to state it), compared with 769 homicides using a “personal weapon” like hands, feet, or another body part. As for the gun show assertion, the NRA doesn’t bother to mention that most people do indeed get their firearms from a gun show. In fact, “3 out of 10 guns that criminals use in crimes changed hands at a gun show somewhere in their chain of custody.”

Just to be “fair and balanced” as the Fox News puppets like to say, let’s give the NRA one more shot at telling the truth:


No. The real ignorance–the willful ignorance, which is the worst ignorance of all–is on the part of the NRA. Profit comes first, lives come a distant second, and they are more than willing to vomit out as many lies as necessary in order to maintain the status quo. They have blood on their hands, and all over their false words.

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