Is Jeb Bush Just About Finished? It Certainly Appears That Way

Alas, poor Jeb! I knew him, Horatio, a fellow of infinite inanity, of less than excellent speaking ability. He hath bored me to tears a thousand times, and now how far he hath fallen in polls.

Could he, would he, might it happen? Is Jeb Bush just about finished as a contender for the 2016 GOP nomination? Well, it depends on who you talk to, but one thing is certain: his poll numbers are going in the wrong direction, downward.

The Bush campaign is focusing on endorsements and has been assuring reporters that it’s meeting all of its  fundraising targets. They’re confident that he’s got the money and steam to carry him through the entire primary season.

But at what point does the law of diminishing returns take hold? Consider this: In the latest poll from Pew, Jeb pulls in a meager 4 percent of the Republican vote. And when you look into the internal numbers of those polls, you start to realize that Bush has about as much  a chance of winning as a snowball does of lasting more than 2 minutes in downtown Phoenix on a record-setting summer day.

For example, when you compare Jeb’s numbers to those of Donald Trump, who currently leads with 25 percent of the Republican primary electorate, you see where the problems begin and will only increase for Bush. The poll shows that 66 percent of Republicans say the issue of immigration is “very important” to them. Trump vows to deport all those who are in the United States illegally while Bush urges tolerance for immigrants and is married to a woman from Mexico. Who would you bet gets the majority of that 66 percent?

Bush came into this race thinking that this would be a repeat of 2000, when his brother Dubya locked up the big money early and cruised to the nomination. But this is not the same electorate that was in place then. And while Jeb may have a big war chest to brag about, all the money in the world is not gonna buy him the good favor of pissed off GOPers.

So perhaps we should go ahead and say farewell to Jeb Bush. Hey, it was real, it was even at times fun, but it was never real fun.

Out, damn’d Bush! Out, I say!

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