Americans Furious After Melania’s ‘Renovation’ Of The White House Rose Garden Is Unveiled

The White House Rose Garden is one of the most well-known features of the presidential compound and came to be planted with roses in 1961, when John F. Kennedy was president. When in bloom, the Rose Garden is awash in both color and fragrance.

So when First Lady Melania Trump announced in July that she would “restore and enhance” the Rose Garden, many people were skeptical of such a move, despite promises that the updating of the space would be tasteful:

On Saturday, the public was shown the result of Melania’s Rose Garden renovation, and based on early reviews, she probably should have spent her time packing up her personal belongings and moving to a deserted island (which her husband may be planning in an attempt to avoid prison), because the vast majority of those who have seen the new Rose Garden are not impressed.

To put it mildly, the current first lady only succeeded in pissing off at least half the country with her changes:

Be sure and note that the famed cherry trees have been removed. Those have been there for centuries and were planted to honor the first president and father of the country, George Washington:

And where are the damn roses? Did they flee when the cherry trees were eliminated, fearful that they’d be next?

The once sacred and hallowed has now been desecrated by people who think solid gold toilets are “tasteful.”

It’s difficult to fully describe exactly what Melania has done to the Rose Garden. If only there was one word that could accurately sum up her changes.

Let’s try this one: Clusterfuck.

One thought on “Americans Furious After Melania’s ‘Renovation’ Of The White House Rose Garden Is Unveiled

  1. It is no longer colorful but neat, tidy and colorless. Some what reflective of the present 1st lady. I guess she consulted no one about the cherry trees or their history and meaning.

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