Ann Coulter Says The U.S. Should Deny Citizenship To Anyone That’s Blind Or In A Wheelchair

Every single time I hear something that Ann Coulter has said, I like her even less than I did before. But I do believe she has hit an all-time low with remarks she made during a right-wing talk show.

Coulter decided to call in during Simon Conway’s radio show and, as you might expect considering how much Coulter hates immigrants and those who seek to gain entrance into the United States, the conversation gravitated to the issue, specifically the English language requirement for most immigrants who wish to become citizens. This prompted Ms. Coulter to declare:

“The INS has waived the English-language requirements for many immigrants, and it’s not just — that obviously goes to the heart of it, are you switching allegiance, do you love this country? — but beyond that, how about the wheelchair-only section? How about the section for the blind? Look, wish these people well, but we’re not running an international charity here.”

I read that quote the first time and it nearly made me sick at my stomach. If someone is blind or in a wheelchair, they just don’t get a chance to become an American, Ann? Is that what you’re saying? If so, then perhaps we can find a place to deport you and declare that no one with long blond hair is allowed in, either.

Ann Coulter is a heartless, soulless woman who cares only about how many of her dreadful books she can sell and how many times she can appear on Fox News to spew her racist, xenophobic drivel. And she is also one of the reasons that the Republican Party in this country is quickly becoming a party that represents no one but the rich, the angry, and the fundamentalist Christian.

She, and they, have no future.

55 thoughts on “Ann Coulter Says The U.S. Should Deny Citizenship To Anyone That’s Blind Or In A Wheelchair

  1. is she representative of all republicans in this country? i mean how can she say or post or however shes getting this idoitic idea what if there is something wrong with my unborn child shes in favor of terminating the pregnancy what is she a republican?

  2. I’m in a wheelchair, and I want to ask her, “Just what the fuck is wrong with us, you fucking bitch?”

    Give me five minutes in a room alone with this woman. She would not leave alive, I promise.

      • How stupid can anyone be? She is talking about illegal aliens not everyone, therefore Stephen Hawking would not be part of the equation. Why do you people jump to such stupid conclusions and over react to shit like this?

        • She’s talking about immigrants, not illegal ones. Quite clear from the denying citizenship part of her statement – illegal immigrants aren’t on a citizenship path anyway, genius.

        • Because she clearly has no respect for people who have any sort of physical challenge. Under her belief system, Stephen Hawking, a British citizen, would not be allowed to become an American citizen – not that he’d ever be stupid enough to want to immigrate.

      • Pretty stupid, like you. WHEre in the article does it say “illegal immigrants.” How many illegal immigrants are blind or in wheelchairs? She was talking about immigrants in general. It is your conclusion that is stupid. And you use incredibly vulgar language. Do you thik that gives your opinion more force? Your vulgarity is not surprising, in that aznyone who defends Coulter is a punk bitch like her, without the least kindness or intelligence.

      • No, she was specifically speaking about citizenship ceremonies when she made these remarks. She was, in essence, saying that if you use a wheelchair or are blind, you are incapable of benefitting society and thus should be denied citizenship. Hawking is a perfect example of a very productive person who requires a wheelchair. Under her stated preference he shouldn’t be allowed

    • I am in a wheel chair too.
      Poliomyelitis from age of 4 1/2
      Worked at a Senior High School in a Science faculty
      Fell and NEED a wheel chair for the rest of my life
      I have payed my TAXES
      Hope this woman, dumb ass bimbo has a problem needing a wheel chair TOO

    • You really don’t want to do that because then you would be harming the mentally impaired and you would then have to spend several years in jail/prison and she is not worth it.

      • This proves it. None of you liberals actually care about people with disabilities. You are just interested in using us as pawns in your game as shown by your comment. This is supposed to be about caring about people with disabilities, and then you pull the average ablest maneuver and use a segment of the population and one of your insults.

    • Oh, please let her leave alive – but with at least a temporary need for a wheelchair or a guide dog.

      • You know what? I am honored to be blind. How dare you take one of my characteristics and wish it on someone else as a punishment. Maybe as a punishment, we could make her Mexican instead. Oh, it’s not fine for me to say that is it, but it’s fine for you to wish blindness and using a wheelchair on her as though it is a negative characteristics that should be wished on people as a punishment. You have the exact same attitude as she does. She really does represent you.

        • Sabra, I think that the whole point is to have her change her belief and have some empathy, which is something that she grossly lacks.

  3. That’s the most stupid, ignorant, offensive, and discriminatory remark I’ve ever heard! Stephen Hawking wouldn’t qualify for US citizenship if he applied?

    • A hyphen does not indicate that a sentence has been broken and/or shortened. You’re thinking about ellipses.

      • A hyphen is used to join words to indicate that they have a combined meaning or that they are linked in the grammar of a sentence (as in pick-me-up, rock-forming ), to indicate the division of a word at the end of a line, or to indicate a missing or implied element (as in short- and long-term ).

        You’re thinking of a dash – The em dash is perhaps the most versatile punctuation mark. Depending on the context, the em dash can take the place of commas, parentheses, or colons—in each case to slightly different effect.

        An ellipsis is a set of three periods ( . . . ) indicating an omission. Each period should have a single space on either side, except when adjacent to a quotation mark, in which case there should be no space.

  4. I read this quote over and over trying to understand what it is you’ve all got your panties in a twist about. There is a hyphen in the sentence and something is missing probably something important and without it The statement wouldn’t sound nearly as misleading. I can’t believe how many stupid ignorant people there are jump the gun and make assumptions. I don’t believe for a minute she’s talking about denying citizenship to people with disabilities, she’s denying citizenship to people because they’re illegal aliens who also happen to have disabilities. I don’t care if you have a disability or not, there are not enough game pieces on the board for them to play too. We make this country strong from the inside out, then we will be able to help others than ourselves. What we should be doing is helping Mexican citizens to come up here to change their own government instead of coming up here and trying to change ours .

    • I can tell you are a white, shit for brains, evangelical Christian asshole. To many of you idiots in America. I am ARMY retired and speaking numerous languages. Because of idiots like you and the way your idiot parents raised you l rarely admit to being American. The rest of the free world got you clowns figured out, classless assholes.


    • but beyond that, how about the wheelchair-only section? How about the section for the blind? Look, wish these people well, but we’re not running an international charity here.”…

      “we’re not running an international charity here”…even without the first part of the sentence, it’s pretty fucking obvious what she means by “international charity”. Your rant FAILS.

    • What a complete jerk you are. How can she be talking about illegal immigrants when she is talking about denying citizenship? As far as I know the scum like her and you just deport the illegals, so why would she be discussing citizenship in that context?

      And lets just ignore her final remarks where she reinforces her cruelty by condescendently saying that she wishes these people well, but we are not a charity. Yeah, this is exactly what I would expect from a corrupt Evsngelical Republican. She is more toxic and more dangerous to our democracy and the destruction of our ideals than any Islamic terrorist. These Christian terrorist, the American Tsliban, are already in our shores, living among us, ruling our fragile government, destroying 60 years of progress, and causing a hostile and dangerous future for our children. The must be brought to justice as fascist traitors, and as traitors to our constitution.

      If there was indeed a god, he would strike that bitch and put her in a wheelchair, blind, and drop her in the middle of Taliban Muslims in Afghanistsn. See how that feels to that white trash.

    • 1) Hyphens don’t indicate part of the statement is missing, ellipses do. Hyphens are a less formal replacement for a colon.

      2) Your claim is completely ridiculous. Illegal immigrants aren’t eligible for citizenship anyway. There are very few ways to go from being an illegal immigrant to a green card holder, and you have to be a green card holder to be eligible for citizenship. Once you have a green card, even if you did (by what amounts to a small miracle) start out as an illegal immigrant, you become a legal immigrant. Being an illegal immigrant already excludes you from citizenship because you have to be a green card holder first. Thus, her statement is quite obviously about legal immigrants.

      It helps you not look like an idiot if you know the immigration rules before mouthing off.

  5. Why are you giving this bleached-blonde the mental space and oxygen? Don’t you know, if you expose a cancer to oxygen it grows?

  6. She’s playing us people! Her outrageous comments serve only to get her horseface on national media. Her only purpose is to deliberately offend as many people as possible. If everyone ignored her, she would soon be back to her job cleaning toilets at Yankee Stadium. Hmm, I believe Bruce Jenner also had a prominent adam’s apple. Stay cool — ignore the fool.

  7. This can happen to anyone. A motor vehicle accident happened to me. It only takes one idiot driver. The biggest disability is the kind of thinking Ann Coulter has.

  8. Coulter is a bleached blonde tranny who will say any old cruel thing to keep her presence on national media. Like any bully, she needs to see people suffer.

  9. She is a spiteful, malicious controlling woman, and by Websters 7th College Edition Dictionary, that makes her a bitch. Given this wonderful little piece of putrid punditry she’s gone beyond the pale, and has earned the appellation of … cunt.

  10. What an evil Nazi! How can the American people sit back and allow her to speak such fascist bile? She should be prosecuted under international human rights law. Next she will be demanding that the Blind or those in wheelchairs be denied life. “Gas them all!” I can hear her screaming!


  11. She and Milo are the same, like shock jocks they do shock statements and try retain what appeal they have. Which in my opinion and any other sane person is zero.

  12. The media needs to stop covering her. Through coverage of her outrageous comments, she ups her revenue. Same for all loud mouth, ridiculous commentators i.e. Rush Limbaugh etc, they become rich on saying outlandish things. Stop covering them!

  13. Perhaps all those folks who think anyone should be admitted, regardless of being illegal or not, a special tax category for them. Are they willing to see their taxes go up? Like liberals everywhere, great, if someone else pays for it.

  14. Shame on you Ann. Your words just reveal an impressive lack of wisdom, compassion and grace. Would your next step be to question whether disabled legal citizens should be deported ?

  15. Holy fuck butter! That woman does not have a human brain. Something oozed out from under a rock and crawled into her ear when she was forming. Ugh,

  16. Please please please put her Out of her misery. Most important, that will put us all out of Our misery. And please stop posting anything she says, it is not important

  17. She is going against the law, and should be disbarred. She is not a doctor; she was not intelligent enough to attend medical school. She seems to be on the same level as Hitler and his cronies.

  18. So much for Christian values! None of it exists in this population sad, sad state. All I can say is it’s a good thing Christ didn’t have the same attitude as this bunch.

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