Ann Coulter Says The U.S. Should Deny Citizenship To Anyone That’s Blind Or In A Wheelchair

Every single time I hear something that Ann Coulter has said, I like her even less than I did before. But I do believe she has hit an all-time low with remarks she made during a right-wing talk show. Coulter decided to call in during Simon Conway’s radio show and, as you might expect considering […]

BOOM! Ann Coulter Gets Totally Embarrassed By Bill Maher LIVE On National Television (Video)

If you know anything about conservative writer/commentator Ann Coulter, then you are well aware of her incredibly racist, xenophobic comments about Hispanic Americans and anyone who dares to come to this country from anyplace other than Western Europe. Coulter even takes credit for the meteoric rise of Donald Trump, of whom she is a devoted […]

Caught In A Lie, Ted Cruz Turns Into A Stammering Hypocrite (Video)

No doubt when Ted Cruz decided to give an interview to Fox News Host Bret Baier on Wednesday, he thought he’d be walking into safe territory. But he wound up looking like the hypocritical lying sack of dung that he will always be. At Tuesday’s Republican debate, Cruz got into a verbal altercation with fellow […]

This ‘Anchor Babies’ TV Ad May Well Be The Most Offensive Thing You’ll Ever See (Video)

During the early stages of the 2016 campaign, there has been a great deal of talk about immigration. Donald Trump has called Mexican immigrants drug dealers and rapists, and even Jeb Bush, who is married to a Mexican woman, used the disgusting phrase “anchor babies” when referring to children born to illegal immigrants in the […]

The Donald’s Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric Leaves A Latina Girl In Tears (Video)

While Donald Trump has been spewing out clouds of hate and intolerance regarding Hispanic immigrants in the United States, garnering both enthusiastic cheers from crowds and rising poll numbers, what he says has also caused pain and concern among those he is trying to vilify. A perfect example of this would be a family of […]

Sarah Palin On Donald Trump: Eliminate The 14th Amendment? You Betcha!

Have you noticed that since Donald Trump began his run for the White House, suddenly Sarah Palin is ever-present on Fox News once again? What that says about Fox News is obvious, but what it says about Trump is even more telling. Once again last night, the half-term former Governor of Alaska appeared on Fox […]

Trump Supporter: The Donald’s Immigration Plan Means More Jobs For Whites, ‘And Some Of The Blacks’

If you thought Donald Trump’s big mouth would eventually lead to his downfall as he runs for the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination, it now appears that his supporters may be the ones that sink his political ship. A perfect example of this was on display earlier today via CNN, where Trump cheerleader Terra Compton Grant declared […]

State Of Texas Violating Constitution By Refusing Birth Certificates To Children Of Immigrants

Ah, Texas. Perhaps the only state in the country that, from time to time, contemplates leaving the union and becoming an independent nation, even though that isn’t even allowed under the U.S. Constitution. As I recall, it’s kinda what helped start the Civil War. But Texas right-wingers love to pay lip service to what is […]

WATCH As An Immigration Activist Shames Ann Coulter And Exposes Her As Heartless

Ann Coulter is one of the most strident anti-immigration individuals in the country, maybe in the world. So when an illegal immigrant who is also an activist for the immigration movement asked Coulter if she could give her a hug, you can probably imagine how that went. At a Q&A session for Coulter’s latest book, […]

Ann Coulter Says Americans Should Be More Afraid Of Illegal Immigrants Than ISIS

If you know anything about Ann Coulter, then you know she’s prone to running off at the mouth and saying ridiculous things. Which brings us to Wednesday of this week, when the dunderheaded Ms. Coulter decided to write a column for WorldNetDaily in which she declared that illegal immigrants are a bigger threat to the […]