Baseball Fans Chant ‘Four More Years’ To Obama–Right Wing Heads Explode

While President Obama was attending the Congressional baseball game recently, some fans who were cheering for the Democratic team launched into a cheer which went something like this:

“Four more years! Four more years! Four more years!”

The President, ever the humble gentleman, smiled and waved as the press took photos of him, and then he watched part of the game, which the Democrats won.

What happened next is not really surprising, but you’d think that folks on the right (even the most paranoid ones who think Glenn Beck is the savior) would know that those chanting of another term for President Obama were just doing what partisans do: cheering the leader of their team, their party. But the reaction on social media was harsh and unrelenting, with the nutjobs from the extreme right citing the 22nd Amendment and accusing the President of having plans to invalidate the 2016 elections or declare himself king. If you listen closely, you can almost hear right wing heads as they explode en masse.

Here are a few of the more ridiculous things posted on social media:


I see they even threw in some death threats. And then we have the ones that are convinced the conspiracy to appoint Obama emperor for life are already afoot:


Martial law! Oh my goodness! I had no idea this was in the works. Did you? Probably not, because it isn’t. But check out some more of the online histrionics:


That’s right: He controls the armed forces! Oh my God! Head for the hills and the fallout shelters! The attack from within is coming!

It’s nice to know the knuckleheads on the right are so focused on what is never going to happen. Maybe it will keep them from figuring out that all of their candidates are losers who do not stand a chance in the 2016 election.

Also, it makes my job so much more enjoyable.

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3 thoughts on “Baseball Fans Chant ‘Four More Years’ To Obama–Right Wing Heads Explode

  1. Enough with the stupid “heads explode” hedlines. They’re stupid and make you look foolish. Dump the whole “you won’t believe” BS, too. Don’t be idiots.

    • This is my site and I will use whatever headline I choose. Thank you for reading, but leave the content to me. P.S. You might want to learn how to spell the word “headlines.”


    “.Barack H. Obama Joseph R. Biden, Jr. Democratic 69,498,216 or 52.87%
    —- John S. McCain, III
    Sarah H. Palin Republican 59,948,240 or 45.61% POPULAR VOTE and 173 or
    32.2% ELECTORAL VOTE——-”
    “Barack Obama,,Joe Biden,,, 65,899,660 popular vote 51.% electorial votes,,332
    Mitt Romney,,,,Paul Ryan,,,, 60,932,152 popular vote 47.2% electorial votes,,,206
    you lost and you lost badly Romney,, no amount of gifts can buy that kind of support”
    “the election was NEVER CLOSE,,, Obama had the lead in the begining and held that lead throughout the election,, Romney,,never had a chance,,,

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