Ben Carson Admits GOP Field Weak On Foreign Experience–See Who He Recommends

Granted, it took awhile, but Ben Carson said something about foreign policy that actually makes sense.

Appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” Carson said that if Americans want to elect a candidate with the most foreign policy experience, they should vote for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Host Chris Wallace told Carson that apparently his poll numbers had dipped since the Paris attacks because people “right experience to be president.” How, Wallace wondered:

“Do you persuade the American people that at a time of terror, a time of domestic threat, you’re fit to be commander-in-chief?”

Carson said the voters would choose him because he has “logical policies,” then added:

“If people actually listened to what I have been saying, they will see that it makes perfectly good sense. I believe that the American people are smart enough to recognize that we’re in a very different time right now, and it’s not necessarily the one who shouts the loudest, it’s not necessarily the one who claims to have all this great experience.”

Then Carson basically admitted what we already knew: none of the GOP candidates has a sliver of experience on foreign policy at time when that is more vital than ever:

“The fact of the matter is, there’s nobody running who has a great deal of international experience except for Hillary Clinton.”

The former neurosurgeon also took time to claim that he has the most experience dealing with life and death situations:

“I’ve probably had the most experience making life or death decisions, probably far more 2 AM phone calls that anybody else. And let’s let the American people decide whether that is the right combination. Or maybe the right combination is somebody who has spent a lot of time talking about stuff. We’ll see.”

We’ve already decided who should be answering the phone in the White House, Dr. Carson, and it sure as hell ain’t gonna be you.

Watch Carson on “Fox News Sunday”

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