Trump Mocked Disabled People, So They’ve Decided To Mock Him (Video)

You may recall that on November 24, Donald Trump sunk to a new low by making fun of a disabled reporter for the New York Times.

While speaking at a campaign rally in South Carolina, Trump imitated award-winning reporter Serge Kovaleski. In case you missed it, here’s the video:

But it wasn’t the first time the GOP frontrunner had taken cheap shots at someone with a physical disability. In July, during an interview with NBC News reporter Katy Tur, Trump also made fun of conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer, who happens to be paralyzed. Trump said Krauthammer was “a guy who can’t buy a pair of pants.”

Well now karma has come back to bite the Donald squarely on his ass, which he so often wears atop his shoulders.

A group of disabled people have made a video and uploaded it to You Tube in which they make fun of Trump. They chide him for his boorish behavior, his bully personality, his egomaniacal ways, and how he’s not even that great of a businessman. And let me tell you, it’s freaking beautiful! See for yourself. Enjoy!

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