Ben Carson’s Solution To Illegal Immigration? ‘One Drone Strike, Boom’

While he was in Arizona campaigning yesterday, Ben Carson thought he would go ahead and try to outdo Donald Trump when it comes to the topic of illegal immigration.

Carson started his day by chatting with Tea Party darling and Pinal County Sheriff, Paul Babeu. Babeu, you may recall, is the sheriff who appeared in John McCain’s 2004 infamous “Build the Damn Wall” TV ad. And he complains about illegal immigrants even though his county is not even on the border with Mexico! Gotta love that.

Later in the evening, Carson held a rally in Phoenix and made these remarks:

“Several administrations recently have been unwilling to get tough on this issue because they do not want to alienate a large voting block of Latinos. This is yet another area where our government’s leadership and the wishes of many of the people diverge and the people are being ignored.”

Leadership? Since when has Ben Carson ever exhibited a smidgen of leadership when it comes to any issue which confronts the United States? He’s been a doctor and then a talking head on Fox News.

While he was at it, Carson also said he was open to the idea of drone strikes as a way of securing the southern border. Drone strikes! He told reporter Dennis Welch:

“You can entertain all kinds of things. Here’s the take-home point: The take-home point is that we have excellent military leaders and we need to employ their expertise because this is a war we are fighting. That’s the bottom line.”

But the good doctor was far from finished doing his Rambo imitation, and added:

“You look at some of these caves and things out there one drone strike, boom, and they’re gone.”

Sure, and next we could do the same to suspects fleeing on foot or by car. You see them attempting to escape and one drone strike, boom! Imagine the possibilities! Does this man have any idea how totally out of touch he sounds when he says this kind of thing?

We can thank Donald Trump for all of this macho posturing on immigration. And those who follow his lead are just as misguided as he is.

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