Ann Coulter Says Of Bill O’Reilly: ‘Good God, He’s Stupid’

I have a confession to make: For once, I actually agree with Ann Coulter. Which I’m pretty sure means the Apocalypse is only days away.

Tuesday, on his nightly hour of bloviating banter, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly conducted a sometimes cantankerous interview with GOP front-runner Donald Trump on the subject of Trump’s proposed immigration plan. O’Reilly told the Donald he agreed with building a wall on the border with Mexico, but then said this about Trump’s proposal to eliminate birthright citizenship:

“That’s not going to happen, because the 14th Amendment says that if you are born here, you’re an American, and you can’t kick Americans out.”

Trump claimed he had spoken to lots of lawyers who said the 14th Amendment is not Constitutional, but declined to name them. I’m guessing that anyone who told Trump something that ridiculous bought their law degree as a blue light special at K-mart.

Turns out Ms. Coulter was not fond of the way O’Reilly treated her hero, Donald Trump, who just so happens to share her draconian beliefs on the subject of immigration. Coulter immediately took to Twitter and tagged one of her tweets with the hashtag #GoodGodHesStupid, a direct reference to O’Reilly. Here are a few of her other tweets after she watched the interview:

“Just got off a plane and my email feed is exploding with denunciations of Bill O’Reilly for interview w/ on ‘THE FACTOR.’”


“GO TRUMP, GO! ‘I’ll use the word ‘anchor baby.’” 

Hmm. I’m kind of willing to bet that Coulter’s next appearance on The O’Reilly Factor will be a bit less friendly than usual. She’s right, of course: Bill O’Reilly is stupid. But she left out one very important additional fact: She’s just as good God stupid as he is.

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3 thoughts on “Ann Coulter Says Of Bill O’Reilly: ‘Good God, He’s Stupid’

  1. Trump claimed he had spoken to lots of lawyers who said the 14th Amendment is not Constitutional———————-

    dear mr tRump,

    how can the 14th Amendment not be constitutional when it is part of the Constitution? of the three, I don’t know which one is the dumbest but they are certainly near the bottom of the intellect scale.

  2. because it’s the interpretation of the amendment in question, not the amendment itself. The 14th amendment was put in place after the freeing of the slaves to make sure that they were considered Americans even though their parents were brought here and not born here. It was not intended (or so Trump argues) to allow foreigners to come here illegally with the sole purpose of having a baby here so they can automatically become American citizens.
    So the debate here is if the 14th amendment protects babies of foreigners here illegally. I agree that was not the intent of the amendment.
    Would I deport all the “anchor babies” at this point? No. However going forward that would be a way to discourage foreigners from gaming the system of what you have to do to become an American citizen.

    • First let me say that your fore farthers were not completely stupid, if they “meant” only blacks they would have said “Negros born here” they had no problem mentioning Negros any where else in the constitution. And further more why do you dumbasses always try to reinterpret anything you don’t agree with or that’s not in your best interest, as if, if you say it that makes it so, what! you think if you “slow down the Constition like a tap” you can say “look you see” that’s not what they meant!.. have some courage and except that you have some of the dumbest morons “active” in your party….. You can either brush the crap out of your hair for years or cut it all out and start new,……how much time you got?…..#just saying

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