Bill Kristol Says ‘Iraq Was Safe And Peaceful’ When Dubya Left Office

Revisionist history lesson for the day: When George W. Bush left office in 2008, Iraq was safe and peaceful. What? You mean you don’t remember it that way? Don’t feel bad, because most rational people don’t. But that didn’t stop right wing cheerleader Bill Kristol from proclaiming it as fact over the weekend.

Appearing on ABC’s This Week, Kristol was attempting to convince Democratic Congressman Keith Ellison that the foreign policy legacy of Bush was strong and that Bush’s brother Jeb should not distance himself from it. Ellison mentioned how the younger Bush would have trouble selling his vision to the American people in light of the mess left by his brother overseas:

“I mean, we cannot forget that we are in the space we are in now because of that invasion that was based on falsehoods in every conceivable way, and the tremendous loss of money, treasure, and blood. And, of course, he [Jeb Bush] wants to escape that legacy. I think we cannot escape how much damage the Iraq policy of George W. Bush did to his country and…”

Then Kristol, shaking his head like the pompous ass he is and always has been, cut Congressman Ellison off and let fly with this line of unadulterated tripe:

“When George W. Bush left office, Iraq was safe and peaceful. Thanks to the surge…”

Ellison repaid the favor and cut Kristol off to say:

“Nah, nah. There was always rumblings and dangers in that place.”

Bill Kristol, I cannot help but notice, is always wrong! Not just part of the time; all of the time. Has this guy ever been right about anything? He was one of the main neoconservative voices calling for the invasion of Iraq in the aftermath of the attacks on September 11, even though Iraq had nothing to do with the attacks! Yet networks still give his gasbag airtime and seek his opinions. Why?!

If Bill Kristol is so wrong about the past, and the present, why should we let him sit with his crystal ball and attempt to predict the future. Yeah, Iraq was safe and peaceful when Dubya left office. And pigs were flying, too.

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Watch the video of Bill Kristol making a jackass of himself!!!

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