Bristol Palin Dares To Ask: Whose Voice Is More Annoying: My Mom’s Or Tina Fey’s?

If you missed Tina Fey’s return to “Saturday Night Live,” then allow me a moment to entertain you with this clip of Fey doing her spot-on impersonation of half-term Alaska Governor Sarah Palin:

But Palin’s daughter, Bristol, apparently didn’t appreciate Fey making fun of her mother yet again, so she took to the internet and thought she would create a poll to ask, “Who wore it better, Sarah or Tina?” This was a reference to the jacket worn by both women as they did their endorsement of Donald Trump.

Bristol added this commentary, apparently hoping to sway potential poll voters:

“Anyway, I think it’s funny that the producers of SNL couldn’t get their hands on the same top my mom wore, because it was sold out. I have to admit, the shirt looked great. But I still think my mom wore it better.”

But the younger Palin also just had to try and take a cheap shot at Tina Fey, so she also posted this bit of nastiness which she didn’t know would come back to bite her squarely on her butt:

“I’m sure many of you saw Tina Fey, who sounds nothing like my mom, do a skit based on my Mom’s endorsement of Donald Trump.

“I don’t know about you, but hearing her fake accent is like nails on a chalkboard for me!

“I may be biased, but I think my mom trumps her in the looks department. (Especially for having three more kids and seven more years on Tina!)

“Saturday Night Live and Fey have been clinging to this impersonation a little too long. It’s getting pathetic. Its been 7 years! Are they desperate for content? Or just desperate for viewers?”

You mean desperate in the same way you’re desperate to get clicks and attention because no one will hire you for anything, Bristol? Then consider this salient fact: Tina Fey is doing an impression of your mother, and nearly everyone who has seen it has said it’s flawless and the exaggerated parts are done for comedy, which I understand you cannot comprehend as one needs at least a marginal intelligence in order to have a refined sense of humor.

So who wore it better? Well, Tina Fey did, and I’m not referring to the clothing. I mean Tina Fey makes a more convincing–not to mention more entertaining–Sarah Palin than Sarah herself.

Chew on that for a while, Bristol.

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