Cher Trolls The GOP Candidates On Twitter, And It’s Awesome!

Why is it that conservatives get so upset when a celebrity decides to speak his or her mind and criticize a political figure in the Republican Party? Maybe they’re just jealous that the majority of entertainers happen to be politically progressive.

One of the right wing’s favorite people to hate is Cher. As you might imagine, Cher could care less if the right wingers and Fox News choose to attack her, and she recently took to Twitter to rank the stupidity of the GOP Presidential candidates. Take a look at what she had to say:

Then Cher decided to more fully express her thoughts on Ben Carson:

Some conservatives were not even bright enough to realize that Cher was also making fun of Donald Trump. They thought she was actually endorsing him! But here’s what she said about the Donald back in June, also on social media:

Now let’s take a closer look at Cher’s comments and see how accurate she is:

Donald Trump: Huge ego, obnoxious, a true asshole. Yep, she got that one right.

Ted Cruz: Devil? That’s an insult to the devil, but also right on the money.

Marco Rubio: Rage against women. Well, he has said that he would try to outlaw abortion at home and abroad. Again, that one matches up with the facts.

Ben Carson: Other than neurosurgery, Dr. Carson continues to prove that what he knows about financial policy, foreign policy, and just good old common sense is minimal. So I give Cher props on this one, too.

Maybe the real reason conservatives get so angry with people like Cher is because they realize how on-point she is with her criticisms. The truth, as the old saying goes, can hurt.

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2 thoughts on “Cher Trolls The GOP Candidates On Twitter, And It’s Awesome!

  1. Hear Here..Cher! You are so well read on your candidates.
    A one word description of Cruz…excellent.
    Description of Trump’s ego: Hindenburg
    perfect. It describes before AND after its final trip to New Jersey.

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