TN Pastor: Women Who Have Abortions Should Go To Prison, Just Like Those Who Kill Bald Eagles

Over the years, I’ve heard some pretty ridiculous arguments from the extremists and right wing nut jobs who say all abortions should be illegal and women punished if they have one. Fortunately, none of these jackassses has a leg to stand on because a woman’s right to choose is–at the moment–protected by the U.S. Constitution.

But a preacher in Tennessee said recently that women who choose to exercise their right to have an abortion should be fined and placed in prison. His rationale for that deeply flawed thinking: We do that to people who destroy bald eagle eggs.

To which I can only respond: Dude, WTF?! That’s your best argument?

Pastor Ben Bailey of Gospel of Christ Ministries began his television show over the weekend by asking his viewers how they would feel if they had been aborted by their parents. Well, I wouldn’t feel anything at all, Pastor, because I wouldn’t exist. Again, it’s called logic, and you really should look into how it works.

Then Bailey declared that the “country is at war with God when it comes to abortion,” and added this bit of nonsense:

“Let’s think about how inconsistent this is. For example, bald eagles and their eggs are protected by both state and federal laws. In fact, violators face penalties up to $25,000 or fines and prison — between one and five years. In fact, if you break a bald eagle egg, you can get five years in prison. And yet, you can abort a human fetus and get governmental approval? Does that make sense?”

Nothing you have yet said makes an ounce of sense, Brother Bailey, but we’re gonna indulge you and let you continue anyway.

Bailey then went on with his empty-headed monologue:

“A person can be fined $20,000 or get five years in prison for breaking a bald eagle egg, and yet, nothing is done if we abort a fetus! What’s of more value? A bald eagle that doesn’t have a soul or a human being that has a soul and that will one day live somewhere forever?”

I have no problem with those who have a religious objection to abortion not having one, but when you start trying to impose your beliefs on others, or comparing their actions to breaking bald eagle eggs, you’ve stepped way over the line. At that point you have truly become a birdbrain.

Watch Pastor Bailey Make a Fool of Himself

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