Cohen Has The Receipts That PROVE Trump’s Been In Bed With Russia For DECADES

It’s been a very bad 24 hours for Donald Trump. Everywhere he looks, he can feel Special Counsel Robert Mueller and prosecutors from the Southern District of New York edging ever closer to him with evidence that proves his guilt on a bushel basket of crimes ranging from money laundering to tax evasion, obstruction of justice to suborning perjury.

The BuzzFeed News story that broke Thursday evening was especially damaging to Trump because it suggests that his former attorney, Michael Cohen, is telling investigators the president told him to lie in his testimony before Congress on the Trump Tower deal in Moscow that eventually fell through.

But the news got worse when it was learned that Cohen has the receipts to prove his allegations. As Amanda Marcotte noted in Salon:

“BuzzFeed claims that Trump worked with Cohen to set up a personal meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin to make the Moscow Trump Tower deal happen.

“Perhaps most important, (BuzzFeed writers) Leopold and Cormier report that there are text messages, internal memos and emails to prove this — throwing a wrench in Trump’s legal strategy of writing Cohen off as a liar and turning the issue into a ‘he said/he said’ standoff.”

Text messages, internal memos, and emails. Those are the gold standard of evidence in white-collar criminal cases, and that evidence would also prove that Trump has been under the sway of Russia for at least a decade, perhaps since the he first ran short of cash back in the early 2000s and turned to Russian oligarchs, mafia figures, and Vladimir Putin himself.

It’s also instructive to note that Trump has yet to deny the allegations in the BuzzFeed article, merely tweeting out this criticism of Cohen:

Considering that Cohen is cooperating with Mueller and plans to testify before Congress on February 7, Trump’s tweet could also be used as evidence of witness tampering. We can add that to the ever-growing list of crimes allegedly committed by Donald Trump.

One thing is now crystal clear: The countdown has begun that will bring about the complete downfall of Trump and the Trump administration. Michael Cohen has given prosecutors everything they need to prove Trump’s guilt beyond any reasonable doubt. The time has come to impeach and indict this scumbag.

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