Colorado State Representative: ‘Take Back America For The Kingdom of God’

If you’ve never heard of David Klingenschmitt, don’t feel bad. Even though he’s a member of the Colorado legislature, he is not that well-known outside of the extreme right wing circles he caters to.

On his propaganda-laced program, “Pray in Jesus Name,” Klingenschmitt recently spouted out some of the most outrageous verbal diarrhea you can possibly imagine. Endorsing the idea of fellow extremist David Lane, Klingenschmitt urged 1,000 Christian ministers to step forward and run for political office, because this is the “appointed time of God,” and said that Christians must take control of the United States.

Klingenschmitt continued his rabid, fear-mongering rant by claiming that far too many elected officials in America,

“…Promote the kingdom of sin and they want to legislate their immorality on the people.”

But Representative Klingenschmitt was far from finished, and at one point it almost sounded like he was calling for a 21st century Christian Crusade to take place across the country:

“You can only have two kinds of morality. You can have God’s morality or immorality. I would much rather be ruled by godly, God-fearing men and women.”

Finally, mercifully, Klingenschmitt wrapped up his crazed musings by saying he would be praying that the 1,000 ministers would be elected,

“…So we can take back America for the Kingdom of God in Jesus’ name.”

That sounds kind of like a theocracy. If Mr. Klingenschmitt wants to live in a nation that is run by religious leaders, perhaps he should consider moving to Iran or joining ISIS. As is typical of so many right wing nut jobs, they speak without thinking, because thinking requires effort and does not appeal to the lowest common denominator, which is the majority of their audience.

If wing-nuts like Klingenschmitt and his ilk were to ever take control of this country, I for one would be reaching for my passport and heading for the nearest airport. I consider myself to be a Christian, but something tells me I wouldn’t be welcome in a world ruled by these intolerant asshats.

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