Congressional Committee Investigating Giuliani For Taking Payoffs From Foreign Governments: DETAILS

Since the release of the report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller in mid-April, we haven’t seen or heard much from Rudy Giuliani. There were some reports he had been removed from the Trump legal team, which led Newsweek to report:

“The Washington Examiner reported that Giuliani told the publication he is planning to end his legal representation of Trump—which he does for free—when the Mueller-related legal threats to the president dissipate.

“Giuliani told the Examiner that he would ‘probably not’ remain Trump’s personal attorney after that, unless the president needs him. The former New York City mayor also said he is ‘pretty busy’ with other projects in his schedule.”

And yet, on Thursday evening Giuliani sent out a tweet that seems to contradict his earlier remarks:

However, the truth of the matter seems to lie somewhere between those two polar opposites: Giuliani is no longer formally on the Trump legal team, but he’s still around to shill (i.e. blatantly lie) on the president’s behalf anytime he’s called upon to serve as a loyal lackey for the Donald.

But Rudy has other problems, and they all center around payoffs he’s taken from foreign governments that sought to curry favor with Trump. Those infusions of cash to Giuliani’s bank account have now drawn the attention of congressional investigators, who are taking a close look at whether or not Rudy is working as the agent of several nations, which is against the law because the former mayor hasn’t filed the required documentation to let the feds know he’s operating on behalf of countries such as Russia and Ukraine.

Remember when Rudy said he was headed to Ukraine to get dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden? That’s when it became clear that Giuliani is up to some highly questionable things on behalf of God only knows who. The Daily Beast notes:

“The news of a potential Giuliani probe comes as Democrats on the Hill are attempting to ramp up their investigations into President Trump. Several congressional committees, including judiciary and oversight, have called on former Trump officials to cooperate in their investigations. But the White House has stonewalled those efforts, refusing to acquiesce to witness-interview and document-production requests.”

Rudy Giuliani is a disgusting little douche weasel who is neck-deep in in all kinds of potentially criminal behavior, including trips he made to Romania and Armenia. Quoting The Daily Beast again:

“Giuliani sent a letter to Romanian President Klaus Iohannis in August 2018 recommending changes to the country’s anti-corruption program. The contents of that letter diverged from the official State Department stance on the issue. He told Politico that he was paid for writing the letter by a global consulting firm. In October 2018, Giuliani appeared in Armenia, reportedly invited there by an Armenian businessman who lives in Russia. At the time, Giuliani said he was in Armenia as a ‘private citizen.’ He spoke at a conference alongside a sanctioned Russian official.”

Did you catch that mention of Russia? Rudy has the stench of Putin all over him, and that’s why he’s so trusted by Trump, who also worships the Russian leader.

Anyone who thought the Russian conspiracy ended with the Mueller report hasn’t been paying attention. Congressional investigators are following the money, and that always leads to the crimes.

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