Delusional Donnie Claims He’s On Track To Win The State Of New York In November

President Donald Trump is so delusional these days that he even thinks he has a shot at winning a state he lost by 22 points four years ago to Hillary Clinton.

In an interview with the New York Post, Trump claimed his campaign was investing resources in the Empire State, which just so happens to be the president’s birthplace:

“We’re going to invest in there, we’ll visit. I’m going to put it down as you know on the list. For instance, we think we’re going to win New Mexico, we think we’re going to win Minnesota. We think we’re, we have a shot perhaps at Virginia because they have a very, very strange governor.”

Be sure and notice Trump didn’t say he’d be winning Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, or Wisconsin, the four states that gave him an electoral victory in 2016.

The president went on to predict that “violent crime and high taxes” in New York would help him and the GOP turn the state red:

“Over the last six months what’s happened is insane. It’s insane. So we’re going to try very hard to win New York and that will be the first time – is that since Ronald Reagan, I guess? Since Ronald Reagan.”

169,000 Americans are dead from COVID-19, the U.S. unemployment rate is 10.2 percent, and the economy is in a deep recession, but Trump believes he can win one of the bluest states in the country. If this doesn’t provide proof that the current president is mentally unbalanced and unfit for office, then nothing will.

Trump will NOT win New York. There’s a better than even chance he may also lose traditionally red states such as Arizona, Georgia, and Texas.

The “stable genius” has jumped the shark. The man needs to be placed in a straitjacket and confined to a padded room.

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