‘Unprecedented’ Early Vote Numbers Have Texas Republicans Terrified Of A Lone Star Blue Wave

If we’ve learned nothing else during 2020, it’s that the only safe bet is to expect the unexpected. And it just so happens that may be true and writ large on one of the nation’s biggest electoral canvases when the votes are counted next month. Texas is in play. Yes, you read that correctly. Texas […]

Delusional Donald Says The Only Reason Lincoln Was More Presidential Than Him Is ‘The Hat’

Once again, Donald Trump is trying to rewrite history, and in the process he’s making one of this nation’s most beloved presidents spin in his grave. Trump is absolutely obsessed with Abraham Lincoln, a man of such integrity and courage that the current head of state should be afraid to even mention his name for […]

104-Year-Old Woman Says She Cast Her Ballot For Biden So We Can Get Rid Of ‘That A*shole Trump’

There are too few genuine heroes in this world, but one has been found in New York, and video of her explaining why she felt it so necessary to vote has quickly gone viral on social media. Her name is Ruth, and she was taken to the polls in the Empire State by Faith Salie, […]

Polling Data White House Shared With Press Corps Backfires Badly On The Trump Campaign

Members of the White House press corps found an interesting sheet of paper in their airplane seats then they boarded the plane taking them to the next campaign stop being made by President Donald Trump on Sunday. According to Katherine Faulders of ABC News, here’s the document every reporter had waiting for them: When we […]

Former Trump Staffer Claims The White House Is Using Body Doubles For Melania

Earlier this week, First Lady Melania Trump was scheduled to join her husband on the campaign trail in the key battleground state of Pennsylvania, but backed out at the last moment because she reportedly had a “lingering cough.” So is the first lady — who was diagnosed with coronavirus a few weeks ago — healthy? […]

Trump Abandons GOP Senate Candidates To Save His Own A*s: ‘I Don’t Want To Help’ Them

Now that he can sense that Senate Republicans are headed for a massive loss, Donald Trump has decided to cut them loose and try to save his own ass. The Washington Post reports that Trump told donors at a fundraising event held Thursday at the Nashville Marriott that it will be “very tough” for the […]

Joe Biden Just Destroyed Trump With The Most Devastating Trolling Of The 2020 Campaign

If you watched the final presidential debate on Thursday evening, then you saw that President Donald Trump wanted to talk about anything but how he’s mishandled the coronavirus pandemic, which has claimed the lives of 225,000 Americans on his watch. At one point, Joe Biden turned to Trump and made it clear he holds the […]

New Evidence Of Tax Fraud As Trump’s Charitable Donations Appear To Be Bogus

The evidence suggesting that Donald Trump is hiding his tax returns to try and hide the fact that he’s committed tax fraud is mounting by the day, and an explosive new report from The New York Times suggests that the president has lied about his charitable contributions over the years and could be facing significant […]

Neurologist Says Trump’s ‘Forward-Leaning Posture’ Suggests He Has Degenerative Brain Disease

You’ve probably noticed that Donald Trump doesn’t stand or move the way normal people do. Instead, he appears to lean forward in a very odd way that some have called “standing like a centaur without the hind legs.” If you doubt that, take a look at this: It hurts my back just looking at him. […]

Sean Hannity Is So Afraid Trump Will Lose That He’s Stalking Joe Biden’s House

Fox News host Sean Hannity is terrified. He’s seen the polls from his network and other outlets, and they all suggest that Donald Trump is trailing Joe Biden and looks especially weak in key battleground states like Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. But rather than present facts or try to reason with viewers, Hannity has […]