Deranged Fox Host So Obsessed With Hillary, She’s Literally Stalking Her (VIDEO)

Why are Republicans so damn obsessed with Hillary Clinton? They won the election in 2016, yet Donald Trump is constantly bringing up the former Secretary of State. And on Trump TV (aka Fox “News”) the fascination with Clinton has reached critical mass in recent weeks as they try desperately to divert attention away from the many scandals facing Trump and members of his administration.

But what Fox host Jeanine Pirro did Saturday night was so spectacularly pathetic that it crossed the line from absurd to creepy.

Pirro aired footage she and her crew took in Chappaqua, New York, where the Clintons now live. In the segment, Pirro talked to people at a dry cleaner, pizza shop, bookstore, and nail salon, asking if any of them had seen Hillary. When they all said no, Pirro turned to the camera and announced:

“OK, so I spoke to some people in Chappaqua, now I’m still looking for Hillary so I’m off to the woods.”

Cut to a scene of Pirro in the woods. The moronic host then starts calling Clinton’s name. She asks her incredibly small audience of viewers:

“Do you think she’s home writing another book? Or maybe she’s still reading ‘What Happened’ because she can’t figure out what happened?”

Here’s the first question that comes to mind: WTF is going on here? Why do so many of the fake reporters at Fox seem to have a need to continually bring up Hillary Clinton? What is this fascination with a person who is merely living her life?

Even Clinton has noticed, and commented last year that Fox seems to think she lives in the White House:

“Because they spend a disproportionate amount of their time talking about impeaching me.”

Yes, they certainly do. No matter the subject or topic of debate, anytime Trump or his surrogates need to change the narrative, they always go after Clinton. It’s enough to make you think they’ve got something to hide and prefer to point at a woman they know they could never have beaten without assistance from the Kremlin.


Here’s a tip for Jeanine Pirro: If you wanna go play in the woods, be sure and go where there are lots of angry bears. That might actually get you some decent ratings.


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